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Moms Demand Action needs maps

Ok, is this hard to see that it’s mocking them? These are the images Everytown is using for this road trip btw:

Ok. Now the above tweet again. Get it? This Texas Moms Demand Action chapter lead (also pictured above from the retweet notice) obviously didn’t, or maybe she needs to take basic geography again:

It’s sad you can’t even troll these people sometimes because they’re too oblivious to sarcasm and mockery, yet they somehow know how to save us all with their gun laws. Oh, and @milfordmom, if you’re “gonna stay and fight”, please take on a roll in an intelligence position for the battle ;)

Oh, and found this scrolling her feed:

Add another one to the list that blocked us while we never even engaged one another from this article:

Aaaaaand another


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