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Moms Demand/Everytown backed Governor Kate Brown considering release of brutal murderer (gun used)

Kate Brown, the Governor of Oregon, loves Moms Demand Action and they love her.

Governor Brown has come under fire recently for releasing violent criminals from prison, skirting procedures to do so:

Two Oregon district attorneys and the relatives of three homicide victims on Wednesday accused Gov. Kate Brown of unlawfully freeing nearly 1,000 inmates, filing a new legal challenge that seeks to slam the gate on over 70 proposed commutations.
District attorneys Patricia Perlow of Lane County and Doug Marteeny of Linn County are among the parties alleging Brown has violated clemency procedures that require victim notification. The lawsuit, filed in Marion County Circuit Court, asks a judge to halt Brown from allowing those convicted of crimes as minors from applying for commutation.
The lawsuit claims Brown broke rules requiring individual commutation applications and unlawfully delegated her responsibilities to state agencies.
Perlow, in a statement, argued Brown was ignoring crime victims’ statutory and constitutional rights. “The Governor’s priority is offenders of crimes, many of them violent,” Perlow said.

That’s bad, REALLY bad, but this one she’s considering to release is even worse:

Dale Rost III was a father of five from Oregon when he went out to walk his dog just before Christmas in 2005 and encountered a couple of meth-fueled thugs who forced him to strip naked and tied him up.
They ransacked his house, took his wallet, and shot him through the eye at point-blank with a .22 rifle
His now-adult children say they are appalled that Democratic Gov. Kate Brown is considering clemency for one of the suspects in the heartless murder of their father two days before Christmas 17 years ago.

Yeah. Gun control supporting Democrat politicians sure do care about keeping violent offenders off the streets and protecting victims, don‘t they......

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Jan 23, 2022

"Ensuring that no one else lives in fear from firearms in the wrong hands."

What a stone-cold hypocrite. Hope the Republican challenger uses this in his TV ads.

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