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Moms Demand finally admits they’re anti-law enforcement and how that contradicts their DV stance

As if Moms Demand and Watts couldn’t get any more “woke”:

Eight years ago, Shannon Watts responded to a crisis—the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School—by founding the Moms Demand Action movement against gun violence.
Now, her movement counts several hundred thousand members as it responds to the United States' two most pressing crises: the coronavirus and the fight for racial justice. Gun safety is at the center of both those battles, particularly activism against police brutality. "Police violence is gun violence," says Watts.

Watts and her movement have jumped aboard the bandwagon to attack LE (and even try to bait the NRA into it as well). What is also included in her interview is another aspect of her/MDA’s “advocacy“:

You mentioned domestic gun violence. We've heard a lot about the increased risks of domestic violence while families are quarantined together—how does gun violence play into that?
We know that women are isolated with their abusers. We believe there’s a 20% increase in calls to domestic violence hotlines. We expect to see an increase in domestic gun violence. We’ve been working to secure more funding for domestic violence and suicide hotlines in the stimulus packages. It’s incredibly important that domestic abuse victims have help—that they have easy access to help just like, sadly, their abusers have easy access to guns.

During the whole lockdown situation, victims of domestic violence were (and are) locked in with the very people abusing them. You’d think Moms Demand and Watts would advocate for them taking their personally safety seriously. Nope! According to them, women are a danger to themselves if they protect themselves with firearms or even advocate for it! :