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Moms Demand Stabbings (and for cops to let kids kill each other w/knives)

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

WOW! As we all know, the police officer saved one of the kids from being killed. Leave it to Moms Demand Action to make the person trying to stab another teen the “victim” and making the hero cop in the case (he saved the potential disarmed victim’s life) the bad guy. They stood in solidarity with them instead (background info on parents and much more in link).

She soon locked her account over the backlash:

You can read more in the press release Moms Demand Action sent out:

lief at the rare moment of accountability for George Floyd’s murder was cut abruptly short as we heard about the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant. She should be alive today and we will stand with the community as they call for an investigation and for accountability. We need fundamental changes to our systems — across the country and right here in Columbus where Black people continue to die at the hands of police.”

where black people continue to die at the hands of police”. There’s a lot of irony in that statement (as if they actually care), as just today, the DOJ has launched an investigation into the police shooting death of Breonna Taylor, in which the Louisville PD brass and the mayor are BFFs with Moms Demand Action. They’re really getting their advocacy efforts in a bind by trying to branch across every single aspect of things that are going on, which leads to it all being at odds with another part of their work (re: heavy enforcement of gun control by police by the barrel of a gun).


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