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More Democrat hypocrisy: armed foreign civilian are good, armed Americans are bad

As we all know, there’s a war between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine is now handing out weapons civilians to fight back in the streets. In fact, the Ukraine government the other day said anyone who wants a gun to defend the nation gets one. Ammoland did a good article on this, so click the link for more details.

Now let’s talk about the hypocrisy. Anyone with half a brain knows the 2nd amendment is in place for two things: limiting the government from implementing arms control over the civilian population for threats both foreign and domestic. It (right to self-defense) is a natural fright. We are seeing right before our eyes that a foreign invader can and will inflict harm on their enemy, and in desperate times, civilians need to make a choice: step up and fight or sit it out. For those that choose to fight, being armed is essential. Being armed with weapons equal to or close to what the enemy has is also essential. We do not live in a fantasy world that many pacifist (they’re usually more on the side of statism/authoritarianism) do-gooders want to have. We never will. That’s the reality. No amount of anti-gun or anti-hate speech legislation will change that. This brings us to those wacky neoliberals at Occupy Democrats.

I also support what this pizza shop guy is doing. He’s supporting people willing to defend his/their homeland. However, the Occupy goons are selective, as they do NOT want Americans to have the same capabilities. In fact, the Occupy goons want to dismantle the firearms industry here by allowing frivolous lawsuits spearheaded by anti-gun groups.

Further, the Occupy goons want to ban the very same type of firearms (not full-auto though like in Ukraine, instead their semi-auto counterparts) that they are cheering on the civilian population having in Ukraine.

It’s hard to take these people seriously. They are driven by pure emotion and are void of logic. One reason the founders made the 2A number 2 is for emergency situations like we are seeing in the Ukraine. If they had their way, guns would be banned across the board and the American population would be relying on the government handing out M-16’s/M4’s when it’s likely already to late. God forbid people have a Palmetto State Armory AR that Has the same fire rate as a handgun (semi-auto). One would wish that the Democrats would just drop their crusade against firearms, but that will never happen because they know that firearms in the hands of the populace are the ultimate safety-check against going too far to implement draconian policies on the American people. But hey, who wants to make a bet they’ll change their tune as soon as Russian or Chinese forces land somewhere in the US. They never think more than an hour ahead regarding the consequences of their positions or advocacy....


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