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More White Noise

I wonder if the author of this article had to breathe into a paper bag while writing it.

I think disarming hate is a good idea! So, when are we going after the root causes that motivated Floyd Corkins' attempt to shoot up the FRC, Micah Xavier Johnson's cop-killing spree, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez's attack on Navy & Marine recruiters, Antifa's attack on the Democrat HQ, and BLM's long history of burning, looting, and murder?


Oh, wait, I forgot the first part of the title. "White Supremacy" is the real problem, supposedly. Especially armed supremacists. They're reallyreallyreally deadly!

How deadly are they? What's the scope of the danger we're talking about here? Well, the author gives us a list of all the "white supremacist" attacks that she could find.

A bunch of armed Confederate enthusiasts killed 34 blacks when they attacked a Constitutional Convention in Louisiana!

In 1866.

An armed mob killed 60 in Wilmington, NC, trying to establish a "White Declaration of Independence!"

In 1898. Kind of feels like last month, doesn't it?

And 300 blacks were killed by an armed mob in Tulsa, OK, in '21!

1921, that is. My Granddad wasn't even born then.

Emmitt Till was killed in 1955! Does that count as a mass shooting?

Continuing her litany of constant mass slaughter at the hands of hate-filled honkies, she says today--TODAY, she says, mass shootings happen "by white supremacists filled with hate and armed with a gun!" Remember Charleston! Remember Oak Creek! Remember El Paso!

Which happened in 2015, 2012, and 2019, respectively. And the El Paso shooter's manifesto could have easily been mistaken for something written by César Chavez, who also thought illegal immigrants (not necessarily Mexicans) were bad for American laborers.

Was that all? Nothing more frequent, nor more recent, than that? I mean, if we have white supremacists lurking behind every tree, like left-wingers have been telling us since November 2016 (when they weren't going bat-guano crazy over Russians), surely she could have found more than six anecdotes.

Oh, and REMEMBER JANUARY 6! Except, the only shots fired were by a Capitol policeman against an unarmed woman, who, due to her skin color, was denied an honorary week of rioting by the crowd who are usually overeager for another round of burning, looting, and murder at the mere whiff of something wrong done by the cops.

ABACAB! You know, I didn't realize Antifa were such big Genesis fans. Still, I'd expect them to like the Peter Gabriel years rather than the Phil Collins era.

So, getting back to how deadly these armed white supremacists are, what kind of a body count have they racked up these 154 years?

Maybe around 425, going by the extensive list of atrocities given to us by the author.

I can hear Chicago laughing at that. "Amateurs! We shoot and kill that many in months!"

But you dare not bring up black-on-black violence, lest they label you a "white supremacist."

Because nothing addresses a violence problem like blaming the wrong people.

Leftists like to imaging the Capitol protests were like the image on the left, when they were more like what's on the right.


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