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Nikki Fried stabs Moms Demand Action/Everytown in the back on the same day they endorse her

This is glorious. Nikki Fried was elected as FL’s Agricultural Commissioner as part of the 2018 post-Parkland influx of gun control supporters getting elected. She was endorsed by Moms Demand Action, which saw it as a great victory, as the Agricultural Commissioner is responsible for Florida‘s CCW permit system.

In 2020, she was doing what they (MDA and those like them) liked. When Covid hit, she did what any gun grabber in her position would do. She tried to shut down the CCW permit application process, thus not allowing people to apply to get CCW permits. In 2021, she used her power to target people that were in Washington DC on 1/6 and suspended their CCW permits, completely violating their rights to due process. She was doing what she was put there to do. Gun control groups were happy, but not anymore.....

On 4/20 (yeah, she’s a clever one lol), Nikki Fried announced that she/her office was suing the Biden administration, the DOJ, and the ATF. Why?

(click the link to read the reactions of her gun control supporting base lol!)

Here’s a preview of her lawsuit. Click link above for the rest. She even used the left’s new mega target, Justice Thomas, as a basis arguing for her position lol.

It’s pretty solid IMO. And to be honest, people that value liberty should agree with most of that. Here’s where it gets really good though. The same day she announced her lawsuit, she was officially endorsed by the gun control lobby (Moms Demand/Everytown). Again, the comments in this tweet are gold.

Now, it’s painfully clear that Nikki is in a state of desperation in order to gain an edge over DeSantis, as this is an appeal to moderates and Libertarians. Her move to sue the people that Everytown love (the ATF, Biden, Garland) in order to expand gun rights is the exact opposite of what gun control groups/supporters want. In fact, this is going to give headaches to the ATF, as Biden demoted the acting director on this same day as well (causing some issues to be brought front and center). Fried just hit them (all of them listed in the lawsuit) hard with a very good lawsuit that if successful, will have national repercussions in favor of gun rights.

Now, you may be asking “why would she do this”? Well, there’s more to that story as well. Fried is a major proponent of legalizing/decriminalizing marijuana. So much so that she has a financial interest in seeing it legalized on a national level.

Documents filed in 2020 shows that Nikki Fried had a financial interest in a marijuana company doing business in Florida in 2019, the same year she created the Cannabis Office and the Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee in the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs.
Also, documents filed with the Florida Commission on Ethics indicate that Fried’s 2019 financial interest in Harvest Health & Recreation, Inc was not revealed until months after she created the marijuana related government organizations.
Fried filed her 2019 Form 6 – Full and Public Disclosure of Financial Interests – as required by law on June 30, 2020. The form indicated she had a financial interest in Harvest Health & Recreation through an asset labeled “Ignite Holdings, LLC”. The exact date that the marijuana related asset was obtained was not provided. The asset was listed with a value of approximately $190,000.
The Tampa Bay Times reported that Fried was asked about her investments in early 2019, but she refused to provide details.
Fried’s 2018 Form 6 did not show a financial interest in Harvest Health & Recreational. This indicates it was acquired after Fried was elected to her position as Agriculture Commissioner.
The Capitolist was the first to report the connection between Nikki Fried and Harvest Health.
TR has previously revealed that Fried’s fiancee and her father, Ron Fried, have a financial interest in a cannabis related business which began in 2019.

So what all happened on “Mary Jane Day” (4/20/22). Nikki Fried stabbed her gun control allies/endorsers in the back with a katana, ditched gun control supporters in favor of appealing to moderates/Libertarians, gave the Biden administration, DOJ and ATF a massive headache, and quite possibly did something that will change gun laws in the US for the better (expand rights). In short, she screwed the very people/organizations that got her into state government in the first place. Not only is proof that she’s a backstabber to her “allies”, but it’s proof she’ll do whatever it takes to gain/retain power, even if it means going against her initial principles. So thanks, Nikki, I guess? Even her opponent (DeSantis) agrees.

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
21 abr 2022

I always wondered where Skinwalkers came from.

Now I'm thinking it happens when people like Nikki Fried and Beto O'Rourke breed together.

Me gusta
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