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Pittsburgh gun ban destroyed in court (and the Mom-At-Arms connection)

In case you haven’t heard, the Firearms Policy Coalition and Firearm Owners Against Crime successfully defeated the Pittsburgh gun ban in court. The city defied the state’s firearms preemption law and the court wasn’t having that.

The Mom-At-Arms team helped uncover early on in this whole debacle what was going on behind the scenes. In short, the Everytown For Gun Safety legal team pounced at the opportunity to use the 10/27/18 Tree of Life synagogue shooting for their own organization gain with the help of one of their puppets, Mayor Bill Peduto.

Here’s the FOIA’s:

Everytown helped spearhead Peduto to violate state law. Plain and simple. Now that the city lost, they have two options. 1, leave it alone and take the L, or 2, appeal it to the PA Supreme Court.

We had “fun” with the Pittsburgh mayor throughout all of this, which included getting and releasing unedited footage of him being interviewed that was provided to us (that pissed him off):

And who can forget the fun times we had with “the shirt”:

The t-shirt in question was designed by Mom-At-Arms, a Second Amendment rights group, in April 2019. The photoshopped image Watts used showed Freitas promoting the shirt on August 30, 2016. Jill McDaniel, who founded Mom-At-Arms in December 2018, confirmed the shirt did not exist at the time of Freitas's supposed promotion.
According to founder Jill McDaniel, the group looked to "troll" Watts by sharing photos of the shirts paired with messages of support toward Moms Demand Action. The tactic proved successful—both Watts and Democratic Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto liked and retweeted posts featuring the shirt in August and November 2019, respectively.

And also us getting him cemented into the Urban Dictionary:

Bill lost his re-election campaign (was primaried and lost) and was no longer mayor as of 2022.

We certainly remember the good times, though.


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