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Pritzker attacking Trump: you be the judge

Updated: May 20, 2020

So, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker is attacking Trump and saying he waited to long to “do something”:

Well, two weeks ago, it was no big deal to him. Of course, lunch was involved, so......


If this crisis was so important from the start, why wait, Governor? Less than two weeks ago you encouraged people to go about their daily lives. Now, as you chose to executive order a “shelter in place”on 3/20/20, it’s all of a sudden Trump’s fault? From you above tweets, you ordered bars and restaurants to be shut down yourself after you told people to not worry about visiting them days prior, not Trump. I have many issues with POTUS, but you playing this off on him like he’s not leading is pathetic. Stop playing politics, as it appears you’re doing frivolous actions for political gain at the expense of others.

Now, that said, you did lead by example by deeming FFL’s exempt (necessary) from the closures during this crisis. You deserve credit when it’s due.


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