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Rhonda Ezell (lead plaintiff for Ezell vs Chicago) suspended from Twitter over support for ACB

This is some major horse crap. Rhonda, the lead plantiff of Ezell vs Chicago and President/Co-founder of Chicago Guns Matter, just texted me to let me know. Her account has been suspended and she can’t post/access it:

Rhonda has taken the city of Chicago to court over gun rights and WON both times. Judge Coney-Barrett has even cited her case before in a previous ruling. What was she suspended over?

I’m not seeing any content that would get her account dinged, other than memes w/the notepad (some butthurt anti-gunners probably mass reported the tweets and deemed it “fake or misleading info“ (they’re memes and everyone is doing them. Truth is, ACB did cite Ezell vs Chicago, so it’s not really a false meme either:

Either way, if the “progressives“ and twitter want to play into the whole racial politics thing like they’re doing (which Rhonda does not btw), way to censor a strong voice for African American women.........


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