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RICO suit filed in federal court against IL house speaker. Can gun owners use this?

The feds are closing in on corruption in the Illinois government. One example is a bribery scheme involving the longtime Democratic Speaker of the House, Michael Madigan:

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is implicated in a federal bribery case against Commonwealth Edison, alleging the utility won Madigan’s favor to back legislation by directing $1.3 million in contracts and payments to his associates and letting him name people for jobs, from meter reader on up.
Madigan’s office July 17 received a grand jury subpoena for documents related to the ongoing federal investigation, according to WGN. According to Mark Maxwell of WCIA-TV, Capitol Police at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield saw men in suits enter the building Friday morning. One flashed an FBI badge.

Today, 8/10, this just happened:

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and utility ComEd have been hit with a civil racketeering lawsuit filed in federal court.
The suit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District Eastern Division by a group of attorneys asks for ComEd customers to get payments of at least $450 million in damages, including $150 million in “ill-gotten gains ComEd has admitted to.”
The suit seeks an additional $300 million under the RICO Act’s damages provision.

Illinois is one of the few states that requires a “license“ to own a firearm legally. Of course, people have to pay for it out of their own pocket. As Mom-At-Arms exposed in early December of 2019 (which was later picked up by TTAG, Gun Rights Watch, and also a well known IL state legislator), those funds for FOID cards and also Concealed Carry Licenses were not used for their intended purposes, but were instead diverted elsewhere or not touched at all. There is now a federal lawsuit over it. In fact, even now, the legislators and entities that caused this mess are using it as an excuse to cram more fees down the throats of Illinois residents who legally own firearms. Take a look here and see for yourselves.

So, how can Illinois gun owners file a RICO lawsuit against the Illinois General Assembly? I mean, Illinois residents are being “extorted” under threat of “breaking the law” if they don’t pay up and legislators are attempting to double down with more forced fees.


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