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Scrubbed Facebook profile of Boulder shooting suspect

Keeping this short and the commentary to a minimum. You know the story of this tragedy already. His name and location was just released earlier today:

His FB profile:

A bunch of his posts (profile is now scrubbed, but we grabbed them before FB took it down). While a majority of them were about UFC, wrestling and things like that, this is the relevant stuff that tells you his leanings. Let me be clear here though, we are not implying that Syrian immigrants or Muslims as a whole are potential mass shooters. That’s not the case or the truth. This is just evidence so that the media and anti-gun activists don’t spin this for their own agendas. The point being is if the media and their buddies try and pull “it was a Trump supporting gun nut racist conservative” (which is the stereotype they use to pull emotional strings), here’s the evidence that suggests otherwise:

That’s all we have to say for this article. We’ll close with this:


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