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Shannon Watts lies yet again (Albuquerque CCW shooting)

Shannon posted this:

Here’s the truth:

The Civil Guard said the shooter from Monday night, Steven Baca, is not affiliated with them. Members of the Civil Guard were arrested by Albuquerque Police but were released a few hours later without any charges.

Right after the justified shooting, the Civil Guard stepped in and created a barrier between the protestors (vandals) and the CCW holder. When police arrived, the Civil Guard complied with instructions (as police did not witness shooting) and as you see, were let go because they did nothing wrong. In fact, they helped de-escalate the situation.

“Got my kit out, got my gauze out, handed it to another gentleman that was there, and told him to hold on because I ran back to the suspect to make sure he was disarmed,” said Bryce. “We formed a parameter around the then-we didn’t know if it was murder suspect or assault suspect – we formed a parameter to help keep the integrity of the investigation by making sure none of the evidence was taken from the area and then at that point, formed a parameter and kept the others from attacking him.”

So, STOP LYING SHANNON WATTS just to appease you’re base of brainwashed goons and get your facts straight. Most of all, where‘s your statement on the REAL “armed insurrectionists”?


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