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New Mexico Antifa self defense shooting is JUSTIFIED. Proof included.

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Update: charges dropped related to shooting:

Due to concerns with the Albuquerque Police Department’s handling of the investigation, prosecutors have dropped the most serious charge — and added others — against the man accused of shooting and critically injuring a man protesting for the removal of a Juan de Oñate statue Monday night.

We’ve all heard by now of the incident in Albuquerque, New Mexico in which the individual was arrested and already determined “guilty” by the mayor’s comments, but here’s another video and view:

Guy starts getting surrounded and attacked by Antifa while trying to retreat. One Antifa guy (on the left) grabs a skateboard as a weapon. One of the 3 attackers says “I’m going to fucking kill you“:

He approaches guy in blue shirt and raises for attack (going for a hit over the head):

Connects a hit (or just barely missed).

He (blue shirt) begins drawing pistol after the hit (or near miss)

Shots fired at assailant that had weapon (who was still in attack mode and in close proximity to skateboard used as a weapon).

Assailant shot and retreated after being shot:

CCW holder sits down on ground, away from scene of attack and awaits authorities (also a sign of “I’m done, stay away and no more. I mean business, though“):

The individual was attacked by 3, one of which had a weapon and hit (or attempted to hit) him over the head (could cause death or great bodily harm). This was a justifiable self defense shooting. It only escalated to this point after he was attacked by multiple assailants, one of which used a weapon against him. As for the mayor and his view of the incident? What more would you expect from a partisan hack who does nothing to stop the riots and destruction of property by leftist mobs....

Here‘s what was happening and what led up to the shoot (vandalism and mob action). He was walking away from the scene, was chased, and then the rest happened. Of course, the usual MSM spin working in “militias“ (and a different video angle). Also says he used pepper spray when being pursued by the mob while trying to escape first, which means lethal force was a last resort:

While this shooting is justified, three lessons that should come out of this:

  1. If you’re in an area where Antifa or their buddies are active, legally carry. They attack in numbers and do want to hurt you if you interfere.

  2. Sometimes it’s best to not to interfere in the first place. Sometimes attempting to do the right thing can lead to legal consequences. With that said, he wasn’t the violent instigator and all charges should be dropped.

  3. All mayors allied with Everytown (MAIG) are against lawful CCW and will attack even those that use firearms in self defense against armed attackers (further proving it’s not about “illegal” guns). They’ll automatically default to siding with people like Antifa in instances like this:

Speaking of Moms Demand Action, Shannon Watts chimed in with her usual lies. Who wants to see a smack down?

Oh, still waiting for their comment about


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