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Shannon Watts so butthurt about Texas loss that she had to lie about a “win”

Today, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed constitutional carry into law. It was a devastating blow to Mike Bloomberg and his moms. Shannon Watts had to salvage the day by saying they “won” somewhere:

Here’s the thing though, Maura Hirschauer’s bill (which mandated finger prints for all legal gun owners) didn’t pass the senate and was held in the house. The senate never took it up. It’s dead:

When Maura’s bill was being debated on 5/29, she didn’t even know the guts of it, nor current law (hint: she didn‘t write it):

Shannon is instead trying to claim the former Moms Demand Action member is responsible for HB 562 (a shell Bill turned into a gun control bill), which the “credit” for that goes to Rep. Hoffman. Maura Hirschauer isn’t even a Sponsor of the bill:

Even the local moms think HB 1091 passed both houses. It didn’t. It didn’t have the support in the senate. Do these astroturf activists even pay attention or just follow their leader blindly?

So, after a devastating loss in Texas, Moms Demand is trying to capitalize on a bill that passed (it sucks, but isn’t nearly as bad as HB1091) and claim they are responsible for it. They aren’t.

Nice try, Shannon & friends. Your bill is dead and you had nothing to do with HB 562.


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