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Texas Church Shooting: Moms Demand Action lobbied AGAINST law that saved countless lives

It should come as no surprise that Moms Demand Action lobbied hard against the Texas law that allowed Jack Wilson and other parishioners to defend themselves in Church. Just take a look at the “against” witness list for SB 535

Wow. And now as known, their leader (Shannon Watts) is upset that what they lobbied against actually proved to be the best option to stop a massacre. These people are sick. Thankfully, as we know, it passed.

Bloomberg’s moms will lobby against ANYTHING that has to do with “common sense” safety measures to protect people if it involves the use of firearms for defensive purposes. These people are a threat to public safety due to their efforts to impose/lobby for laws that create victims instead of empowering people to defend themselves lawfully in life or death situations.


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