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Texas Democrats complaining about police response time at protest

Weatherford police took 40 minutes to get to the Parker County Courthouse on Saturday after the police chief received a text message from a protester reporting that people “were surrounding us and threatening to shoot us.”
Protesters marched to the square to peacefully demand the removal of a Confederate statue at the county’s courthouse. But when about 75 of them showed up, they were met by hundreds of counter protesters and violence between the two groups ensued.
The text messages between Tony Crawford, an organizer of Parker County Progressives, and Police Chief Lance Arnold were read aloud on Tuesday night during the Weatherford City Council meeting.
At 3:10 p.m. on Saturday, Crawford texted the chief “I’m here at the courthouse. It’s packed already.”
Arnold asked “With patriots? Or BLM?” then asked that Crawford’s group not block roads and intersections.
“We can escort you for safe travel, but we can’t allow a total shut down of the road unless we are just helping you get across,” the chief said.
Five minutes later, Crawford sent the chief a text that said the patriots “are surrounding us to force confrontation. We are surrounded by guns and people talking about shooting us loudly.”

First, I’m not buying that the group was being threatened to be shot. That’s anti-gun progressive codeword for “I’m scared of black rifles being open carried”. Second, why would the police show up? The Parker County Progressives might paint them in a bad light if they didn’t 100% listen to them:

Seriously, why would the PD risk being labeled as jackboots just because these pussies are afraid? They’re clear that they want the 2A people to rise up as well in order to fight them (PD/gov) because it provides defense to them:

I mean, it seems pretty clear they want these “alt right militias“ to start fighting back against the government, but when opponents show up armed to counter protest, they beg the police for protection and ask for them to crush the counter protest with the same equipment their bitching about being used against them. Following me still? Of course, gun grabbers capitalized on this:

The funniest part? They’re too stupid to realize that they are the drones contributing to the problem.


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