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Texas Gun Sense: “there wasn’t automatic weapons or hi-capacity magazines 100 years ago”

Here’s a Sunday quickie, as the Chinese Communist Party via one of their press outlets it’s giving Texas Gun Sense some exposure:

HOUSTON - The US state of Texas may return to its Wild West past, or even worse, predicts an advocate for responsible gun ownership and opponent of the so-called permitless carry law signed by Governor Greg Abbott on Wednesday, which allows Texans to carry handguns without a license or training starting Sept 1.
"There weren't automatic weapons or 100-round magazine capacities in the guns 100 years ago," said Gyl Switzer, director of Texas Gun Sense, a nonprofit group of more than 7,000 mostly gun owners who lobby for improved methods of gun control.

First, Gyl of Texas Gun Sense is a moron. Let’s go back further than 100 years to WW1 (1914-1918) and look at some of the single person infantry weapons used (machine guns, or as Gyl says, “automatic weapons”):

That’s just a few from WW1. Those operate exactly the same as automatic weapons do today (hold the trigger down and it keeps firing until the magazine is empty). As for the magazine capacity claim, they had something even better back then