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A top IL House Dem is at it again: assault magazine fed revolvers is why we need a ban!

Rep LaShawn Ford is a high ranking democrat in the IL house. He's also the big guy on the house "gun violence" task force. The other day he helped Ram through the IL "assault weapon" and magazine ban. Friday, 1/6, he went on the air....and proved what a complete idiot he is when it comes to guns and gun owners. Full interview here:

First, he flat out says the bans will not do anything. He can't even "interest balance" in favor of this legislation, but rammed it through anyways.

Next, he says that the mass opposition to this legislation (in IL there are things called witness slips in which residents can voice support or opposition to legislation) was not real. Here's the final count on Thursday's total (which they didn't care and advanced it out of committee):

Apparently those people are just bots and don't matter (even though they have to input their names, address, email, contact info, etc....and are all public to see who's taking what position), and the anti-gunners are not active groups like Moms Demand Action and others. They're just "regular people that have jobs and such" and can't always be active (total BS, Moms Demand Action groupies were the stars on Thursday when this legislation advanced).

Bloomberg's red shirt wearing moms had plenty of time to take the buses from Highland Park, Evanston and Chicago to go advocate on a weekday

Just listen:

Finally, he wants to ban magazines that hold more than 12 rounds because of machine guns and magazine fed assault revolvers. I kid you not. Listen:

Yes, these are an example of the people making our laws. It's almost slapstick humor if the reality wasn't so "real" on just how idiotic and dangerous these legislators are due to their complete lack of education on what they even make laws about.

This isn't the first time recently Rep Ford showed us how uneducated he is. A few weeks ago he was talking about how when magazines run out of bullets that they're no longer useful...


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