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Trouble within “the wall of moms” and an Everytown shill looking for a break is to blame

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

What a mess lol:

Portland Wall of Moms, a group formed in recent weeks and quickly recognized as a staple of nightly downtown protests, was accused publicly Wednesday of “anti-Blackness” by leaders of an existing, Black-led community group.
Wall of Moms, whose members said they aimed to support and protect other Black Lives Matter protesters near the fence in front of the federal courthouse, announced Friday that its white leadership had rescinded their positions to allow women of color to be in charge. New leaders announced Friday include Teressa Raiford, executive director of Don’t Shoot Portland, Demetria Hester and Danialle James.

I love infighting between these groups, but lets look at Don’t Shoot Portland and Teressa Raiford:

Ok, so to all of the people cheering this on the takeover, in which Teressa is a new leader, congratulations! She’s with Mike Bloomberg’s coalition!

So, Teressa is worried about “anti-blackness” in the Wall of Moms, yet she is/was with an organization that stood for this stuff against minorities since at least 2011:

Maybe Teressa is just doing a PR stunt by taking over the Wall of Moms to run for mayor? She sure as hell doesn’t have a problem with “anti-blackness” when it benefits her agenda at hand. Big money corporate lobbying groups bankrolled and founded by a guy who was all about stop and frisk and also disarming minorities are peachy then. And don’t forget that Everytown's allied mayor and former police chief are tied into Breonna Taylor’s murder.

It looks like the article we wrote prior to this one actually had some truth to it after all. Further, I find it interesting that Don’t Shoot Portland (headed by Teressa) started getting messy with Wall of Moms (the originals) almost immediately after they filed a joint lawsuit against the federal government. One could wonder if this was possibly a backdoor way for Everytown to get in on the action and play “hero” via third party in order to fundraise.


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