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Troubled gun control legislator may have violated Constitutional rights of Twitter user

Multiple legal experts have said that Washington state Senator Patricia Kuderer may have violated the law when she reported Twitter user Timothy Burrell. Timothy, a popular gun rights advocate, reported that his account had been suspended permanently, and Patricia and her husband have repeatedly reported him to Twitter for censorship. Patricia even went as far as to gloat yesterday about the suspension.

As many of you know, Donald Trump was sued and lost in federal court for blocking a user and stifling their freedom of speech. Legal experts have said that Patricia’s reporting of Timothy to Twitter violates that ruling, and he has a strong case if he chose to sue.

Patricia has been the main driving force for gun control in recent years, and is the go to person when Attorney General Bob Ferguson wants a particular law in place. Most recently, she’s been the one responsible for the ban on carrying guns during protests. What she won’t tell people though, is the fact that Washington Gun Responsibility, a gun control group, is one of her and Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s main campaign donors.

Patricia has had a troubled past, including racism complaints, campaign finance violations, tax return refusals, hypocrisy, and lying. See below for details:

Troubling past:

Tax returns:

Patricia came to the national scene when she famously proposed a bill that would require Presidential candidates to release their tax returns in order to be on the state’s ballots. That legislation didn’t go anywhere, and when asked if she would release hers, she refused.

“You can have my tax returns when I announce my candidacy for president.” She was quoted as saying.


A racism complaint was filed against Patricia in 2020, for using an anti-Asian slur during a hearing.

Washington Asians for Equality filed a formal complaint against Patricia and she was forced to issue an apology.

Campaign finance violations:

Patricia has had six campaign violations against her for failure to report her finances in a timely way according to state law.


Patricia likes to paint herself as a leader in housing and has spearheaded multiple bills dealing with various issues regarding that. In 2019, Patricia co-sponsored a bill that she claimed would help renters who weren’t paying their rent on time. Washington has passed numerous laws as of late that have forced landlords to raise rents at a staggering rate. However, this law would have dire consequences for renters, and according to Rob Trickler, he warned her before the bill was passed:

State Sen. Patty Kuderer (D-Bellevue), who sponsored the bill to extend pay-or-vacate notices, had no idea this would happen.

"I did not expect this to be the response," she says. "The landlords were at the table and negotiated every step of the way."

While she acknowledges that it's technically legal, she says eliminating grace periods and serving notices on the second of the month violates the "spirit of the law." She adds "it doesn't make sense to intentionally cause stress and anxiety on seniors and disabled vets who pay like clockwork on the third of the month."

"I find it shameful," she says.

Rob Trickler, president of the Washington Landlord Association, is confounded by the idea that Kuderer didn't see this coming.

"I flat out told her, face-to-face in one of the first work groups, that this was going to happen," Trickler says.

So we are expected to believe that Patricia, who co-sponsored the bill, and was warned before the bill was passed, “had no idea” of the consequences of the bill she’s responsible for?

With the amazing amount of issues that Patricia has regarding transparency, honesty, and now an apparent willingness to violate the law, it’s clear that she has a troubled road ahead for her.


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