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Trump's SCOTUS Nominee Amy Coney Barrett puts years of GUN CONTROL progress at risk... ... GOOD!

On September 28th, 2020, Founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Shannon Watts, contributed an opinion piece to USA Today, condemning President Trump's Supreme Court Justice pick, Amy Coney Barrett.

By clicking on the image above, you can read that piece in full context. With that in mind, if you care to read Shannon's opinion, of course, Mom-At-Arms will be offering ours, as well, within this fun article.


The Success of Gun Control Through Propaganda

Being that my parents were of the law enforcement and medical professions, I caught the stories in society of victims and survivors of violent crimes (or accidents), and the safety measures that came along with their many serious circumstances, at a very young age. My parents educated me with these stories so that I'd be aware of things that *could* happen in my life, as well as maintain a sense of self, and caution, while handling firearms (or anything) at a young age. Their teachings weren't a "solve all," but more so little tid bits of direction, so that I would make good and safe choices in life. Growing up with this knowledge, I guess you could say I've been a proponent for Gun Rights for a very long time.

Fast Forward: I started Mom-At-Arms in 2018 while sitting at my kitchen island... or it could've been while changing my kid's diaper... I have no idea... I can't remember (I'm going off of Shannon's article... but who cares!?!)... to be an added voice in the Gun Rights community; to combat groups, like Shannon Watts' Moms Demand Action, which was once called 1Million Moms FOR Gun Control, and their support of restricting the civil rights of all, especially women, throughout the country. Since then, I've noticed how Gun Control activists reach above and beyond in propaganda tactics. Even prior to 2018, when I used to work for a small advertising agency, I watched how these organizations worked. As Donald J. Trump stepped into the seat of President of The United State of America in 2016 (while I was very pregnant with my son), I noticed things in the Gun Control World intensify. Now, with a new Presidential Election (2020) on the horizon, Shannon Watts, who is a master of propaganda and advertising, is pulling out all the stops.

Watts, along with her "Army of Moms for Gun Control" (aka Moms Demand Action), are not only jealous that Trump has an "army" now, but have remarkably made an impact for the last five years, pushing Gun Control measures like Red Flag Laws and (Universal) Background Checks, through their huge efforts of getting "Gun Sense" Candidates elected within their political realms. They have garnered a major following with their impressive use of words and phrases to capture the hearts and "feels" of a certain demographic. That kind of work and success is something to be commended. When they say to "Expect them," they mean it; and while many say they're irrelevant, I take Watts's and Moms Demand Action's words to heart... I Do Expect Them.


Women For Gun Rights

Within the last year, my own civil rights advocacy opened many new doors for me to become personally active with other groups in the firearms community, like The DC Project: Women for Gun Rights. Though success within the Gun Rights World has been fleeting over the last few years, we have made some major wins. But... it is a big slap in the face when people, on both sides of the Firearms Fence, recognize the red shirts of Moms Demand Action almost immediately... and if you ask them about The DC Project Foundation- which supports WOMEN in the Gun Rights World, or our #TealFor2A Campaigns, more often than not you'll get a, "Huh?"

Left/Top: Moms Demand Action

Right/Bottom: The DC Project: Women For Gun Rights "Educate Not Legislate!

As COVID-19 took the nation by surprise, along with the included rise of racially motivated riots and tensions, more and more Americans have become Gun Owners during these "uncertain times." The majority of those numbers are Women, too. So, you'd think that Women For Gun Rights would have center stage, wouldn't you? I mean... you would've heard about The DC Project: Women For Gun Rights, and how we work to educate others on Gun Safety practices, right? Or even 1Million MOMS AGAINST Gun Control... the ORIGINAL group that went head to head with Moms Demand Action when they were just that of a Facebook Group that was created at Shannon Watts' kitchen table?

Although the new statistics on gun ownership highly favors women and minorities, and it is something that's celebrated, the focus is temporarily placed when groups like MOMS Demand Action comes up with a new scheme... like that of Shannon Watts' article in the beginning of this one. While she uses her prowess and major funding from billionaire politicians, like Michael Bloomberg, Women For Gun Rights are left begging for the scraps, just to get ahead.


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