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Update to School District 219 story involving the Marxist school board members

Back in early June, we published an article that brought attention to two D219 School Board members that were going all in on the anti-cop rhetoric and using their elected positions (school board mind you) to push far-left politics that are outside the scope of their roles and recruit students for it as well. Luckily, the radical positions and goals these two school board members have has received some major pushback recently. From the Chicago Tribune:

Niles Township District 219 officials posted the results of a survey on the future of school resource officers Sunday as board members prepared to continue their discussions.
More than 81% of parents and almost 61% of staff members believe Niles Township High School District 219 should keep Skokie police officers in its buildings, according to a district survey. Meanwhile, 49% of students support keeping the officers, while 22.5% do not want them in schools anymore, according to the results.
Two board members have urged fellow members and the administration to remove the police officers after, they said, more than 100 community members submitted written comments supporting their removal at virtual board meetings in June and July.
At the July 14 meeting, Board Vice President Jill Manrique and member Rebecca Abraham encouraged Superintendent Steven Isoye to provide a recommendation as soon as possible to allow the board to take action quickly.

More in the Chicago Tribune link, but these radicals got BTFO hard.


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