Update to the FOID/CCL fee mess: past court cases could hold the answers

Last week on 12/2, we published an article with some findings regarding the State Police Firearms Service Fund and what was (or wasn’t) being done with it. It went semi-viral and was sourced on 12/5 in The Truth About Guns and also at Guns Save Life (in which they are actually in the appeal process of an ongoing challenge to the FOID card). It seems to have caught enough attention for the Illinois State Rifle Association to come forward on 12/10 with very similar findings that they were working behind closed doors on in more detail over the period of a few months (great to see they were already on it behind the scenes!), confirming it‘s all real and something that should be raising eyebrows. So here’s some more to possibly review that raises some points: A case that was settled in 2018, People v. Stevens: