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Virginia Democrats: Part 1

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

(This article breaks down the schemes of Virginia's Gun Grabbing Democrats. It is a lengthy read. So, take a breather if you have to. No need in complaining about how long it is. The follow ups will be much shorter.)

You've read the headlines.

You've seen the social media posts.

You've heard the bias.

Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam is not only someone who's participated in poking fun at Black Americans, with his yesteryear photos in blackface... I mean, Michael Jackson face...

while hanging with someone dressed up as a KKK member...

but he's also used his M.D. in PEDIATRICS status to advocate for aborting babies, AFTER BEING BORN!!!

"The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired. And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother."

- Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam in an interview with Washington Radio station, WTOP.

VIDEO: Democratic Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam addresses 3rd Trimester Abortion


This same policy pushing, medical professional who says it's okay to kill a baby after it's born is also working hard to limit abilities for Law Abiding Virginians to own and carry firearms for self preservation. After the Virginia Beach shooting on May 31, 2019, Governor Ralph Northam used the tragedy to further push his gun control schemes (Backed by Michael Bloomberg for Everytown for Gun Safety, as well as Gifford's Law Center for Gun Control).

Let's go through the goodies he wants:

  • Universal Background Checks (UBCs)

1. UBCs will do nothing to stop a criminal from getting a firearm. How the government doesn't see this as the biggest WASTE of time, it's beyond me. I mean, how in the world is one going to determine a CRIMINAL with a background check unless that CRIMINAL decides to wake up one day, and is like, "Gosh! I'm gonna follow the law today and get me one of those background checks done so I can buy a firearm for my next crime spree?"

(Seriously? WTF!?!)

What AMAZES me is that criminals are smart enough to understand that filing for a background check is stupid for their sake... whereas folks, like politicians/ legislators in our government- especially someone like Ralph Northam who has an M.D. behind his name... thinks they'll just "willingly" do it. I've never heard of a criminal that followed the law to get the title of "criminal." How is that so hard to understand!?!

2. UBCs will make EVERY LEGAL PRIVATE FIREARMS TRANSFER- between law abiding folks... ILLEGAL. So, if my girl friend who just got out of an abusive relationship, frantically asks me to borrow or buy a handgun from me, in a hurry to protect herself- me giving or selling her one would make me a criminal- right off the bat, and I didn't do anything wrong, except extend a means of protection to someone in need of it. She and I would have to locate either an FFL (Federal Firearms Licencee) or go to our nearest State Law Enforcement agency and fill out gobs of paperwork in order for her to buy or accept the firearm that I, a law abiding owner, gives. Not only that, I'd have to pay a fee to have the info processed and she would have to pay one to accept the terms.

(Starting to sound like a national registry now, aint it?)

  • Banning "Assault Weapons"

1. Why? Criminals don't care. The VA Beach shooter used 2 (hand) pistols... that he got LEGALLY, might I add.

  • Banning High- capacity Magazines

1. Banning High-Cap Mags will do nothing to stop criminals from finding other means to amp up their firing abilities. It just means they'll steal more guns and ammo to fulfill their crimes. OR! Use other means... like bombs.

Sound familiar?

2. More so, Rand Corp.’s meta-analysis of so-called assault weapons bans in various states found no compelling evidence that bans made any difference in reducing violent crime. NONE! Just as it didn't do much to affect it during Clinton's Presidency, when in 1994 he pushed hard for Gun Control measures. In 2004, Congress allowed President Clinton’s 10-year-old ban on the sale of assault-style guns to sunset after the Bush Justice Department found it did not reduce gun crime.

  • Banning Bump stocks & Silencers

1. Like marijuana is a "gateway drug," the bump stock and potential silencer bans are “gateway bans." Same as with banning High- Cap Mags. It's pointless. It just allows openings for Anti-Gun Politicians to effectively etch away a GUN- part by part- until the entire tool is banned from law abiding ownership. Let's put it this way, folks (think big for a minute), Criminals who are locked up in the pen... they're not allowed to have knives, yet have found a way to make them (Shanks/ Shivs) out of things like soap, spoons... even from toilet paper and their own feces. If they can do that, I can assure you, taking away guns and additions will not stop any criminal on "the outside" from finding a way to inflict harm if that's what they're going for.

  • Reinstate Virginia's "One Handgun A Month" Law

1. For what? So, if the coils/ springs or a hammer goes kaput in my pistol, that I bought not too long ago, but it's out of its return time, I'll have to wait till next month to buy a new one. Or, "Put it in the shop." Both options leave me defenseless if I'm a person who doesn't have multiple firearms. ESPECIALLY if I'm a woman fresh out of an abusive relationship, trying to protect myself- and children.