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Virginia Democrats: Part 1

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

(This article breaks down the schemes of Virginia's Gun Grabbing Democrats. It is a lengthy read. So, take a breather if you have to. No need in complaining about how long it is. The follow ups will be much shorter.)

You've read the headlines.

You've seen the social media posts.

You've heard the bias.

Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam is not only someone who's participated in poking fun at Black Americans, with his yesteryear photos in blackface... I mean, Michael Jackson face...

while hanging with someone dressed up as a KKK member...

but he's also used his M.D. in PEDIATRICS status to advocate for aborting babies, AFTER BEING BORN!!!

"The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired. And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother."

- Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam in an interview with Washington Radio station, WTOP.


This same policy pushing, medical professional who says it's okay to kill a baby after it's born is also working hard to limit abilities for Law Abiding Virginians to own and carry firearms for self preservation. After the Virginia Beach shooting on May 31, 2019, Governor Ralph Northam used the tragedy to further push his gun control schemes (Backed by Michael Bloomberg for Everytown for Gun Safety, as well as Gifford's Law Center for Gun Control).

Let's go through the goodies he wants:

  • Universal Background Checks (UBCs)

1. UBCs will do nothing to stop a criminal from getting a firearm. How the government doesn't see this as the biggest WASTE of time, it's beyond me. I mean, how in the world is one going to determine a CRIMINAL with a background check unless that CRIMINAL decides to wake up one day, and is like, "Gosh! I'm gonna follow the law today and get me one of those background checks done so I can buy a firearm for my next crime spree?"

(Seriously? WTF!?!)

What AMAZES me is that criminals are smart enough to understand that filing for a background check is stupid for their sake... whereas folks, like politicians/ legislators in our government- especially someone like Ralph Northam who has an M.D. behind his name... thinks they'll just "willingly" do it. I've never heard of a criminal that followed the law to get the title of "criminal." How is that so hard to understand!?!

2. UBCs will make EVERY LEGAL PRIVATE FIREARMS TRANSFER- between law abiding folks... ILLEGAL. So, if my girl friend who just got out of an abusive relationship, frantically asks me to borrow or buy a handgun from me, in a hurry to protect herself- me giving or selling her one would make me a criminal- right off the bat, and I didn't do anything wrong, except extend a means of protection to someone in need of it. She and I would have to locate either an FFL (Federal Firearms Licencee) or go to our nearest State Law Enforcement agency and fill out gobs of paperwork in order for her to buy or accept the firearm that I, a law abiding owner, gives. Not only that, I'd have to pay a fee to have the info processed and she would have to pay one to accept the terms.

(Starting to sound like a national registry now, aint it?)

  • Banning "Assault Weapons"

1. Why? Criminals don't care. The VA Beach shooter used 2 (hand) pistols... that he got LEGALLY, might I add.

  • Banning High- capacity Magazines

1. Banning High-Cap Mags will do nothing to stop criminals from finding other means to amp up their firing abilities. It just means they'll steal more guns and ammo to fulfill their crimes. OR! Use other means... like bombs.

Sound familiar?

2. More so, Rand Corp.’s meta-analysis of so-called assault weapons bans in various states found no compelling evidence that bans made any difference in reducing violent crime. NONE! Just as it didn't do much to affect it during Clinton's Presidency, when in 1994 he pushed hard for Gun Control measures. In 2004, Congress allowed President Clinton’s 10-year-old ban on the sale of assault-style guns to sunset after the Bush Justice Department found it did not reduce gun crime.

  • Banning Bump stocks & Silencers

1. Like marijuana is a "gateway drug," the bump stock and potential silencer bans are “gateway bans." Same as with banning High- Cap Mags. It's pointless. It just allows openings for Anti-Gun Politicians to effectively etch away a GUN- part by part- until the entire tool is banned from law abiding ownership. Let's put it this way, folks (think big for a minute), Criminals who are locked up in the pen... they're not allowed to have knives, yet have found a way to make them (Shanks/ Shivs) out of things like soap, spoons... even from toilet paper and their own feces. If they can do that, I can assure you, taking away guns and additions will not stop any criminal on "the outside" from finding a way to inflict harm if that's what they're going for.

  • Reinstate Virginia's "One Handgun A Month" Law

1. For what? So, if the coils/ springs or a hammer goes kaput in my pistol, that I bought not too long ago, but it's out of its return time, I'll have to wait till next month to buy a new one. Or, "Put it in the shop." Both options leave me defenseless if I'm a person who doesn't have multiple firearms. ESPECIALLY if I'm a woman fresh out of an abusive relationship, trying to protect myself- and children.

2. It's NO ONES RIGHT OR BUSINESS as to what I use my money for. Restricting the ability for anyone to buy something with their hard earned money, is a sure sign of extreme government control... aka... TYRANNY.

"You can only have one loaf of bread to feed your family of 5 this month."

Get it?

  • Require lost/ stolen firearms be reported to police within 24 hours

1. Well, that sounds pretty fair, doesn't it? Someone steals something from you, you report it stolen if it means much to ya... right? Let me tell ya, and you can ask ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT PRO and they will say the same thing. If a firearm of yours is stolen, or you lose it and some thug finds it, the first thing they're gonna do is find any links to ownership- because they, too, think, "AW SNAP! I got a new gun! They're gonna be calling this thing in to the PoPo! I want this jank, man! I'm keeping it, so let's make it NOT THEIRS ANYMORE."

They'll, then, clean it up really good and scratch the crap out of the Serial Number personal to that firearm- which you, a Law Abiding Gun Owner, has remembered for safe keeping. Once that Serial Number is gone, that gun is now considered a "Ghost Gun," which even LEOs will tell ya... they can't keep up with. All of this makes you a victim... once.

2. Now that you're a victim of a stolen/ lost firearm, you calling it in puts YOU on a watch list. No, Law Enforcement will not blatantly say, "We're gonna put you on a list, just in case that gun ends up in a crime and it's traced back to you." BUT! When they take your name and info, which is "listing" ya, and they "Keep and eye out" for the firearm... they kinda sorta have you marked as fully responsible for that firearm, regardless of what happens to it... OR WITH IT. Welcome to victim-hood #2!!!

3. And, in actuality, depending on your state laws, being a LAW ABIDING GUN OWNER, who happened to make an oopsie and say, left your gun on the sink after you washed your hands at a restaurant after using the potty. As you were drying them, you forgot to put your firearm back in concealment/ or holstered. You walk out. Moments later, another restaurant patron or employee finds the firearm and calls the cops. Huge commotion. You own up, like a Law Abiding Gun Owner would. Guess what!?! You get arrested and fined. Victim- hood #3!

  • Allow localities to enact firearms ordinances that are stricter than state law- like regulating firearms in municipal buildings.

1. So, I'm a Law Abiding Gun Owner, being responsible at my job in a municipal building, where security is limited. I'm also not allowed to bring my firearm into the office space due to new ordinances in my area that doesn't allow me to do so. I've left it in my vehicle. Another employee, whom I've known as a nice guy, storms in on his last day- welding 2 handguns of his own- and starts shooting fellow employees. I've trained most of my life to avoid this scenario as a person who takes their personal safety and well- being seriously. Now... like my co-workers, I am defenseless... and most likely will not see my husband or toddler son ever again.

(Defenseless: This is what Northam is proposing.)

  • The punishment for allowing a child access to a loaded, unsecured firearms should be boosted from a misdemeanor to a FELONY.

1. This is the same guy who thinks it's okay to abort babies after birth speaking on this. Well, as per the folks that's writing his campaign initiatives on Gun Control... Gifford's Law Center... Here's Virginia's law on child access to firearms:

Virginia law prohibits anyone from recklessly leaving a loaded, unsecured firearm in such a manner as to endanger the life or limb of any child under the age of 14.

1. It is also unlawful for any person knowingly to authorize a child under the age of 12 to use a firearm except when the child is under the supervision of an adult.

2. For purposes of this rule, “adult” means a parent, guardian, or similar person or a person 21 years or over who has the permission of the parent, guardian, or similar person to supervise the child in the use of a firearm.

3. State administrative regulations govern storage of firearms in certain locations.

- Personal story to explain this a little better. One of my childhood friends lost a little brother to being shot... by his best friend. The gun used was my friend's dads gun. It was secure, but not secure enough for a couple of pre-teens to get ahold of it. My friend's dad was former military and a hunter, so my friend and her siblings all grew up around firearms and our school system in 7th and 11th grade, taught gun safety. My friend's mother was also battling breast cancer at the time. She was out of work and living a nightmare, that ended up taking her life later on. Point of the story: Under Northam's proposal, anyone's firearm that ends up in an accidental killing- that person will be held liable for that killing (as if the guilt would not already eat you up). If a child gets access to a loaded firearm and accidentally kills themselves or another, the owner of the firearm will face FELONY charges. If that had of happened in my friend's case, her father would've been charged with murder of his own son... then he, their only source of income, would've been sent away to PRISON... among actual murderers. God awful accidents become a basis for you, an innocent person, to be tried more harshly than actual criminals in our society.

This is not a legitimate proposal that Northam is pushing.

  • The age of children that felony laws apply to be raised from 14 to 18.

1. He wants innocent folks to be tried as felons, but kids who are deviant to be tried as children. So... little 14 year old thugs who go out, knowing right from wrong, but intentionally create havoc on society get a "freebie?" I'm sorry, but if my child was a murderous little bastard, after years of me trying my best to teach him to be good, I'll put him under the slammer myself. This law would allow for MORE CRIMINALS- teaching YOUNGER ONES, "Hey! It's cool! This is a free pass. You can go be a little shit in society now... but at 18. Do better at not getting caught."

(And these are the politicians fighting for COMMON SENSE??)

  • Wants to impose "Red Flag Laws"/ EROS (Extreme Risk Protection Orders):

1. Let's go over what a Red Flag Law is real quick.

In the United States, a red flag law is a gun control law that permits police or family members to petition a state court to order the temporary removal of firearms from a person who may present a danger to others or themselves. (Per Wikipedia)

Another good ol law, worded just right to make you think it's doing a public service. Many "Fudds" that I speak with (A Fudd is someone who claims they stand for the 2nd Amendment but yet believe in things like Background Checks and Red Flag Laws as a means to stop criminals) love a Red Flag Law!

"It will keep guns out of the hands of criminals and close up loopholes in our system!"


2. Let's think about this real good. A person could easily lose their gun rights as the result of a spiteful ex-spouse making false claims to police. No one wants dangerous criminals to have access to firearms, but red flag laws would allow someone to anonymously make unsubstantiated claims about another person’s mental health, and BOOM, they’ve lost their rights. These red flag laws don’t give folks a chance to face their accuser in court, or present evidence in their defense, either. So, there you are, got an ex boo lurking around, pissed to hell that you left them. How can they get you back real good, making you look like a complete douche but also make you vulnerable to the elements of society as well? Call the authorities, tell them you've went crazy, they left you and you're now talking about blowing your brains out. Then they'll give authorities little quirks that they're used to from your relationship, that will be used against you. Like, when you're nervous, you tend to bite your lip.

Instead, they'll say something like... "When he's about to lash out violently, he tends to bite his bottom lip!" Here they have presented character witnessed evidence for authorities to label you a threat and take your guns- temporarily.

3. "Temporary" doesn't sound so bad, does it? Well... while that firearm is sitting in an EVIDENCE HOLD, guess what happened to it before it got there! That's right! It's been "listed" in a system ran by local government authorities.

So, the day you get your firearm back after the courts deem you sane to have it back after your issue with your ex Red Flaggin' ya... you get on a bus to go home, accidentally leave the gun in the seat, some thug finds it and decides to make it theirs- the processes above, all repeated to make YOU... A LAW ABIDING GUN OWNER AND VIRGINIA RESIDENT... A CRIMINAL.

Governor Ralph Northam's Bloomberg backed Gun Control measures are not looking out for the well- being of Virginians. As a matter of fact, he's only making it harder for us to protect ourselves. Tragedies like VA Beach do NOT happen often in the state of VA, because we are a very 2A Dedicated state, compared to many others. Our state heritage was built on the foundation of standing up against tyranny. We must protect it!

"Sic Semper Tyrannis" - Down With Tyranny (Tyrants)


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