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Virginia legislators double down: “paramilitary” activity/firearms training to be a felony

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

(update at very bottom. Another one of her recent bill filings)

First, there was SB16 (filed 11/18/19), which will make it illegal to posses just about every semi-automatic firearm:

As expected, many grassroots folks have risen up against this tyranny and started a sanctuary county movement for law abiding gun owners. Unlike sanctuary cities/states, this protects everyday gun owners from becoming criminals due to insane laws like above, where as sanctuary cities/states protects illegal aliens and felons that are NOT citizens of the United States. Anti-gun fascists in Virginia, however, say YOU WILL OBEY their draconian laws. From the director of VA Coalition to Stop Gun Violence:

Now that commonsense has finally prevailed, the gun lobby is left with empty gestures and gimmicks. They are worried because change is coming to Virginia. The new gun violence prevention majority is going to pass laws that save lives and protect families in Virginia. They will be enforced and applied statewide and applicable to all Virginia citizens in every county. The reality is that these sanctuary declarations are not worth the piece of paper that they are printed on.

People are organizing and preparing for the “coming change”, so now there’s a bill to crush that.

-Part 1. No more teaching on how to build a firearm

-Part 2. No group training with firearms (all they have to do is say your day with friends on a private range is for that purpose)

-Part 3. No more assembling with your firearms

Break any of the above and you’re a felon, subject to imprisonment, and have to pay up to $50,000 in fines. That’s insane, considering the woman who introduced it (Senator L. Louise Lucas) had this to say prior: Perhaps she also needs to be reminded of the armed peaceful protest (and why it was stopped in this instance) of the Black Panthers (since Senator Lucas is big into racial civil rights advocacy):

In 1966, it was legal to openly carry loaded firearms in California — a legacy of the Gold Rush. In Jackson, a Sierra foothills town that retained that era’s flavor, one state senator was often seen wearing a holstered pistol.
But a year later, the Legislature abolished open carry. It took a moment of racial dramatics at the state Capitol in Sacramento, where I was a reporter.............
Then, suddenly, several cars pulled up to the 10th Street curb. As passengers got out, they made no attempt to hide the fact that they were heavily armed.
About two dozen African American men and women, some wearing leather jackets and black berets, started toward the Capitol carrying rifles, shotguns and pistols. They were not holding the weapons in a threatening manner; they were pointing them in the air as they marched into the building. The news horde — with cameras rolling — stumbled backward ahead of them, up the carpeted inner stairs and into the chamber of the Assembly, where a session was under way.

Many Virginia Democrats are afraid. That’s the only reason. This is fully backed by Moms Demand Action as well:

She (Senator Lucas) also is on record as a sponsor of current gun control bills:

What is a fascist?

The Virginia fascists (also known as Democrats) are getting ready to make almost all firearms illegal and make it a harsh penalty to train in groups and to teach to use/build firearms. They are gearing up to force a radical change come January and have vowed to forcibly suppress the opposition. And the Bloomberg Carpetbaggers rejoiced......


Her recently filed bill to end private firearms sales (all transfers must go through FFL)


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