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Virginia State Senate Majority Leader is Hiding Responses (criticism) on His Official Twitter Page

Meet Dick.

Dick is who introduced SB16 (amongst many other gun control bills):

You can hear on hot mic (whoops) what Virginia dems think of ”gun nuts” during what he tweeted about (below) today. Have a watch and listen (between seconds :24 and :56):

Him) Are you sticking around for the 25 gun nuts? Her) These people are crazy Him) They are like little kids Her) Will they stay calm? Him) As long as we don't respond.

Gun control advocates: We just want to have A conversation.

Also gun control advocates: Don't respond and we'll get out of this.......

Dick recently posted this regarding that meeting:

You get a notice if you expand that:


So he’s censoring what is easily viewable on his tweet. Click “Show more rep