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Vulgar teacher who went bonkers and told lockdown protestors to “kill themselves” is identified

If you‘ve missed the now viral video, have a watch:

As you see, she is off her rocker. This happened in Bend, Oregon. We got the district she taught in when they announced she was placed on leave:

Anyways, the name “Elle Walton” was floating around online, but we had no photo to go off of. Posted elsewhere was a blog tied to her name, and buried in that blog we found her resume (we redacted her personal contact info, but address is in Portland). Resume hasn’t been updated with her current position in OR:

She deleted her LinkedIn, but her most recent experience was still listed:

Searching for her tied to the college she went to, we got a photo from her freshman year:

Moving forward, we searched the district mentioned in the article (screenshot). We located her acting as an assistant coach at this school in that district:

But that‘s the only info we had. Well, we sent that info out, and now we can confirm it’s her:

Ms. Walton in her own words:

Some browsers are having trouble displaying the embedded tweets, so here the video outside of a tweet:

And here’s Ms. Gurley, the Language arts teacher at the middle school she teaches alongside that was mentioned in the video (she’s not a part of this, so we are redacting her photo and contact info, other than the district @ address):

We hope Ms. Walton reflects on her behavior, as she’s very young and can still be a great teacher. She just needs to get her emotions in check and not encourage suicide (and also needs to learn to just ignore people who she disagrees with out in public, especially when the cameras are rolling).

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PW May
PW May
Dec 09, 2020

She appears diminished in her video of introduction. Stoned? Sleepy? Drives her Subaru with her mask on so she's safety conscious I'm guessing.

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