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Watts propaganda busted again (a Jewish Bernie Sanders supporter is a “white supremacist”?)

Come on, Shannon. Stop lying and tell the whole story.

So, who is this guy? From Watts’s linked article:

A North Carolina man who was indicted last month on charges of child pornography also had plans to commit a mass shooting during the holidays and assassinate Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.
A federal grand jury indicted 19-year-old Alexander Hillel Treisman, who also used the alias Alexander S. Theiss, in September on charges of knowingly possessing an image that contained child pornography, according to the Daily Beast. When authorities investigated Treisman’s electronic devices, they discovered a bounty of disturbing information.

And some more info:

A 19-year-old who was busted with a car full of guns and explosives—including a semi-automatic rifle—debated killing Joe Biden online, traveling to a Wendy’s mere miles from the former vice president’s home and penning a checklist that ended in “execute,” federal authorities allege in court documents.
Alexander Hillel Treisman, originally from Seattle, was indicted by a federal grand jury in September on a child pornography charge after authorities stumbled upon his abandoned van at a Third Bank in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Inside, officers with the Kannapolis Police Department found a trove of weapons, including an AR-15 style rifle behind the driver’s seat, a canister of Tannerite, an explosive material, and more than $500,000.
“Should I kill joe biden?” Treisman allegedly wrote on April 15, 2020, alongside an image posted on iFunny, according to a search-warrant application. The application also details how the 19-year-old went to Wilmington, Delaware—Biden’s hometown—on at least one occasion and discussed his need to “save” Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

And yet some more info:

JTA — The 19-year-old man who allegedly plotted to kill Joe Biden was the son of a prominent Jewish attorney who helped broker the first meeting between a US president and the Dalai Lama.
News broke Friday about the arrest in May of Alexander Hillel Treisman, a teenager who a court document says purchased an automatic rifle and traveled to multiple states, and who allegedly had a checklist in his car whose final item read “execute.”
Treisman is the son of a Jewish human rights activist and one-time Senate candidate in New Mexico. His father, Eric Treisman, was known for his work with Tibetan immigrants and was once called an “Oscar Schindler for Tibetans,” an allusion to the German famous for saving more than 1000 Jews during the Holocaust.

I had no idea leftists that are Jewish are classified as “white supremacists“, but then again stating the whole story isn’t the intent of Shannon’s propaganda. Can’t say it was just some wacko Bernie Bro, as that would not sit well with the majority of Shannon’s base.


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