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What makes a “gun sense” person a “gun sense” person? We’ll show you!

We’ve all seen what Dr. Rager-Kay said by now (if not, click the link) and that she was backed by Moms Demand Action (and a Pennsylvania gun control group) when she ran for office not too long ago. So, knowing what she said, what makes a “gun sense“ or “anti-gun violence“ candidate/person?

Moms Demand Action’s Gun Sense is as such:

PATRIOTIC We can protect our communities from gun violence while still protecting the Second Amendment.

COMMON-SENSE Guns should be kept out of the hands of dangerous people like domestic abusers and convicted criminals.

Speaks for itself. She seems to qualify as “dangerous”. Responsible gun owners know that using deadly force is no joke and not to be taken lightly, even kiddingly in a statement and especially not as a threat. That’s “common sense”.

NON-PARTISAN Ending gun violence isn't a red or blue issue. Protecting lives from gun violence will require the leadership of all Americans -- regardless of party.