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What makes Shannon Watts tick... or get ticked off

If you've been stalking... I mean... closely following Gun Grabbers like we have here at Mom-At-Arms, you tend to understand their personality traits. Take Shannon Watts for example: We've been watching and studying her social posts for so long, that we can actually tell what makes her tick... or ticks her off.

It's the reason why she's blocked us so many times. (So many times...)

Anyway... We have mastered Shan Shan Psychology so much, that we have even been successful in even coaxing her to use our own work, from behind social media blocks to her DISADVANTAGE... like when she used "The Shirt" made by us, to try to discredit VA Delegate, Nick Freitas.

We also know that when Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America... the "grassroots" army for Michael Bloomberg's, Everytown for Gun Safety (yes... all of that had to be spelled out), uses your 's or your org's name in a social post to try to discredit you, that means you have won. For her to go out of her precious way to try to defame you means that you have struck a deep nerve with her and she, the Master PR Whiz that she is, has to obliterate your existence on social media... and in the media, overall. So, if she's not talking about ya... hate to tell ya, but you're not on her radar. That's her "tell." She has to be using you or your work as her own example (twisted understanding) of "Extremism." Want proof? Just go look at her social feeds. It's mostly her talking about Gun Violence, of course, but she's constantly repeating or commenting on Mainstream Media (MSM) articles, what major influencers & politicians are saying, or she's promoting the snot out of Moms Demand Action/ Everytown. If she throws your name/ your org's name into her feed to break up the monotony, you have made her list.

And weirdly enough, in 2A Activism, you actually WANT big league Gun Grabbers, like Watts, talking about you and using your likeness. THAT'S how advertising works, and in the world of social media (which was originally called Social Networking, and originally established for business professionals to use to advance their biz... let that sink in), she, as a marketing professional, knows this very well. WE know this. This is why when everyone in the 2A Community tells us to stop giving Gun Grabbers like Watts, or David Hogg, the stage, we ignore you. Why? Cause there has to be a counter to the "advertising." Simply put. In the world of business marketing, it takes just ONE bad review to screw up the 100s of good ones. Same thing in activism. Anything less is an echo-chamber. Period. You're not doing ANYTHING for a cause if you're not combatting your opponents, head on and countering their "bad reviews" of you. In other words, in order for your biz (or advocacy) to grow, YOU HAVE TO BE PRESENT AT THE TABLE.


So, with that little "PR 101" lesson... just remember, if you give folks like Shannon Watts something to talk about, you've made an impact. Even if you believe it doesn't matter what you do cause they'll never change their minds. Well, like we've said many times before, "You will NEVER change the minds of paid mouthpieces like Shannon Watts." BUT... a bad review or two will help influence change in the minds of those that follow her, and aren't paid to push the BS.

It's even more of a "Win," when Gun Grabbers offer a seat at the table, but they avoid an open debate, like what happened to one of our own in the 2A Community, not too long ago. Three very influential Gun Grabbers, including Biden's former ATF pick David Chipman and San Diego Mayor, Todd Gloria, went LIVE with NPR's "1A" podcasters, but for some reason... the 2A Community's most hated, Rob Pincus, was only allowed a pre-recorded convo. NO DEBATE.

Why not? What are they afraid of?

Regardless of your feels for Pincus, his FULL responses to the 1A Host's questions (that we were allowed to listen to), and even the edited version... Pincus represented the 2A Community very well. So well, in fact, that Shan Shan had to make it known that she, too, is not a fan of Rob Pincus.

So, folks... if you're ever wondering who's making Big League Gun Grabbers like Shannon Watts get all riled up, just go to their social feeds and see who they're talking about. Also, if you get a chance to check out the full interview that 1A did with David Chipman (on ghost guns), HE even admits... in so many words... that it was his bias politics and financials is actually what kept him out of the ATF director position. That was the research that WE here at Mom-At-Arms exposed.

It had NOTHING to do with him being "racist."

One thing is for sure, to know Who's really WHO in this activism... just wait until they have to face off in the lion's den all by themselves.

Funny thought. We've only been told to "Stay in our lane" by a handful of folks. Mostly Gun Grabbers. Shannon Watts and David Chipman were actually two of those folks. In that handful, only ONE 2A Activist told us the same... and it was NOT Rob Pincus. Imagine that.

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Apr 26, 2022

David Chipman: "Allowing someone for eight minutes to spill untruths is dangerous business."

Now imagine how destructive four years of that would be.

And that's precisely why we made damn sure you never became the BATF Director.

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