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WHY Black Lives Matter

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

systemic racism: Racism resulting from the inherent biases and prejudices of the policies and practices of social and political organizations, groups, or institutions.

Remember this pic above, because after reading, you’ll find yourself in an “Ah Ha” moment and know what this article is actually pointing out.

If you're one not aware of the racial tensions flowing through the United States at this time, then you are literally living under a rock. Decide for yourself what that sentence means to you.


Black Americans are tired. The outrage you're seeing isn't something "new." This is just what you're "aware" of because of media and political exploitation during a global cold... sorry... "pandemic," which gave way for folks to be stuck at home and glued to their televisions, computers and other media devices- so that your "feels" could have time to fester.

Black people are fed up with being media and political pawns. Yes... we all are fed up, but if you've never read a Mom-At-Arms article ever before, then this may be the one you want to, in order to understand WHY Black Lives Matter. With that said, we must ask WHY do Black Lives Matter... to the media and political organizations?


For one, propaganda, like we here at Mom-At-Arms have been trying to tell y'all for the longest time, is meant to pull on your heartstrings. It's meant to activate and irritate something deeply personal in all of us, and the best way to do that is to manipulate your vulnerabilities. (Please read that again. If ANYONE gets pissed at this article, its because you did NOT read and process that last line.)

Propaganda is "advertising," in a sense, to coerce a person into believing a certain way.

Its the strategy of taking information, tweaking it in wording, or expression juuuuuuust right, then delivering it in a way to affect a targeted audience- based on their particular "tastes."

It's no lie, RACISM is a touchy subject for us all. White people, the majority race in the United States, don't want to be labeled racists; and black people, the largest minority race, don't want to be on the victim end of racism. None of this excludes brown, yellow, red, green or ORANGE people at all... just right now, Black Lives Matter, and I'm about to tell you why. (Hold onto your knickers, “All Lives Matter,” folks! You might learn something that not only proves YOUR point, but also proves why Black Lives Matter really MATTERS).

Black Lives Matter because they ARE the largest minority race in the United States.

CORRECTION TO THE ABOVE SENTENCE: Blacks are NOT the largest minority race. When drafting this article submission, we pulled older numbers that were directed through a BLM site. As a matter of fact, Hispanics/ Latinos ARE the LARGEST MINORITY RACE IN AMERICA.

Though this does not change the point of this article, a Mom-At-Arms friend and resource, who happens to be a Sociologist, helped point this discrepancy out to us and we want to correct it. Link to the U.S. Census Bureau Quick Facts HERE (which we should've looked at as well).

They're the ONLY MINORITY RACE that have been enslaved in mass droves on American soil. This is a fact. History proves this. This shouldn‘t be an argument.

YES! It is also a fact that black people sold their own to white people, AND black people owned slaves as well, but that was during the era of when it was considered "normal," because people didn't understand... or at least not on a humane le