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WHY Black Lives Matter

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

systemic racism: Racism resulting from the inherent biases and prejudices of the policies and practices of social and political organizations, groups, or institutions.

Remember this pic above, because after reading, you’ll find yourself in an “Ah Ha” moment and know what this article is actually pointing out.

If you're one not aware of the racial tensions flowing through the United States at this time, then you are literally living under a rock. Decide for yourself what that sentence means to you.


Black Americans are tired. The outrage you're seeing isn't something "new." This is just what you're "aware" of because of media and political exploitation during a global cold... sorry... "pandemic," which gave way for folks to be stuck at home and glued to their televisions, computers and other media devices- so that your "feels" could have time to fester.

Black people are fed up with being media and political pawns. Yes... we all are fed up, but if you've never read a Mom-At-Arms article ever before, then this may be the one you want to, in order to understand WHY Black Lives Matter. With that said, we must ask WHY do Black Lives Matter... to the media and political organizations?


For one, propaganda, like we here at Mom-At-Arms have been trying to tell y'all for the longest time, is meant to pull on your heartstrings. It's meant to activate and irritate something deeply personal in all of us, and the best way to do that is to manipulate your vulnerabilities. (Please read that again. If ANYONE gets pissed at this article, its because you did NOT read and process that last line.)

Propaganda is "advertising," in a sense, to coerce a person into believing a certain way.

Its the strategy of taking information, tweaking it in wording, or expression juuuuuuust right, then delivering it in a way to affect a targeted audience- based on their particular "tastes."

It's no lie, RACISM is a touchy subject for us all. White people, the majority race in the United States, don't want to be labeled racists; and black people, the largest minority race, don't want to be on the victim end of racism. None of this excludes brown, yellow, red, green or ORANGE people at all... just right now, Black Lives Matter, and I'm about to tell you why. (Hold onto your knickers, “All Lives Matter,” folks! You might learn something that not only proves YOUR point, but also proves why Black Lives Matter really MATTERS).

Black Lives Matter because they ARE the largest minority race in the United States.

CORRECTION TO THE ABOVE SENTENCE: Blacks are NOT the largest minority race. When drafting this article submission, we pulled older numbers that were directed through a BLM site. As a matter of fact, Hispanics/ Latinos ARE the LARGEST MINORITY RACE IN AMERICA.

Though this does not change the point of this article, a Mom-At-Arms friend and resource, who happens to be a Sociologist, helped point this discrepancy out to us and we want to correct it. Link to the U.S. Census Bureau Quick Facts HERE (which we should've looked at as well).

They're the ONLY MINORITY RACE that have been enslaved in mass droves on American soil. This is a fact. History proves this. This shouldn‘t be an argument.

YES! It is also a fact that black people sold their own to white people, AND black people owned slaves as well, but that was during the era of when it was considered "normal," because people didn't understand... or at least not on a humane level; nor were we as advanced as we are now in travel and technology. Black Lives Mattered back then, because, to own a slave in WHITE America, meant you were of a certain status quo. You had a title and power to go along with it. Black Lives Mattered back then because, if you were a slave master, you sometimes got first dibs on new products coming through town, or you were invited to fancy parties and meetings... which is where the politicizing of racism started happening. (Hence why black folks also owned slaves. It was a show of power in society.)

Black Lives have always mattered, but to many, in a more sinister way. Where at one time they mattered only to be servants, punching bags, and whores to White America, they are NOW being USED as subjects within propaganda tactics by Control Groups. And AMAZINGLY, those Control Groups are owned and operated by WHITE PEOPLE. (Mostly, WHITE LIBERAL PEOPLE.)

It's no lie that we here at Mom-At-Arms are not fans of folks like Shannon Watts (Moms Demand Action), Michael Bloomberg (MAIG & Everytown), Michael Skolnik of the Soze Agency (BLM- the Organization), Jeff Nalley/ Sean Kiernan with Select Sports Group (Colin Kaepernick's agents), etc... this list is long, but if you start researching into all of these claimed Civil Rights groups and large companies that represent black names, a good portion of the time, you're gonna find a white person calling the shots. Seems all fine and good, when they use things like “Civil Rights,” as an excuse to do so. Even THE ORGANIZATION, Black Lives Matter, is heavily funded by white, progressive Billionaires.

Want to break it all down? We will use Mom-At-Arms favorites to talk about to help you understand.

Vulnerability Pull: BILLIONAIRE Michael Bloomberg, hugging little black children and families for the sake of Gun Control through his organizations Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Everytown for Gun Safety (Moms Demand Action).

REALITY: Back in 2015 (one of the many times this has happened), Bloomberg put pressure on The Aspen Times & Grassroots TV to keep from publishing a speech, which included several RACIST remarks. And let’s not forget, “STOP & FRISK!"

Vulnerability Pull: RICH WHITE WOMAN Shannon Watts, a sweetly speaking, former PR exec turned housewife and stay at home mom, who happened to be watching the news when little children were being escorted out of Sandy Hook Elementary after a psycho stormed in and shot 20 first graders and six adults in 2012, now uses her expertise and organizations to promote Black Women in Politics (Emerge America).

REALITY: Shannon Watts founded Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, immediately after the shooting... and shortly after that, MERGING with Michael Bloomberg's Everytown. What's weird is that the formation of Moms Demand Action, matches the same basis to which Donna Dees- Thomases's founded her Million Mom March that merged efforts with The Brady Campaign.

What should also be understood, Gun Ownership IS a Civil Right. Gun Control is a LIMITATION to that Civil Right, and if the Black Lives Matter Movement is fighting for EQUALITY within Civil Rights, then doesn’t that make Shannon Watts complicit to racism? In the pic of her tweet above, and the fact that she works hard to limit the Civil Right of Gun Ownership in America, that includes Black Americans; and since they’re the largest minority in America, they’re affected most... doesn’t this make Shannon Watts and Moms Demand Action White Female Supremacists? What’s even worse, is that she sits as a board member and major funder to Emerge America, an organization that finds Democratic women who should run for office and get them into training programs.

And which racial demographic votes Democratic, most?

Haven‘t thought about it that way, huh?

So, while I can go on and on (which we here at Mom-At-Arms already have) with who’s the “Rich White Who” behind all of these Control Groups, I’m leaving you with this...

Want to preserve ALL OF OUR RIGHTS... cause ALL LIVES MATTER?


So, White Friends... it is time to start helping our Black Friends break free of the proverbial chains that groups like Moms Demand Action, Everytown, and others of the like, use to sway them into more systematic bondage. Time to help OUR BLACK FRIENDS AND THEIR COMMUNITIES find their purpose and place in their own light. Time to stand shoulder to shoulder with our BLACK brothers and sisters in equality, for who they are BEYOND the twisted media narratives and puffed up stats.

Numbers don’t have compassion, but WE THE PEOPLE DO!

#ShallNotBeInfringed was meant for ALL AMERICANS, so YES... that means, BLACK LIVES MATTER. And for the Blue Lives Matter crowd, yes... they Matter, too... but this (pic below) is an example of WHY Black Lives have built a distaste for Blue Lives (Law Enforcement). (Get the first pic in the article, now?)


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