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Why we fight and why women must take their personal safety seriously

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Our friends at 1MMAGC (One Million Moms Against Gun Control) recently had a rather offhand comment made on their pinned post on Facebook. In short, another 2A supporter stated that the women of 1MMAGC are “failures” because Mary of 1MMAGC’s sister didn’t have a firearm during a home invasion (in which Mary’s sister was viscously attacked and almost killed). The comment was made by someone who obviously did not read the whole post:

Here’s the comment (edited out name a pic):

Mary addresses what happened today below, and also touches up on many other relevant issues on why/how the attack happened. This includes Mary’s sister not being able to just go out and buy a gun (thanks IL, your FOID system helps so many people 🙄), the attacker having been recently released due to Obama’s criminal justice reform (early release), the effects it had on their family, and most of all (which is what triggered the below video response), how the 2A community is sometimes its own worst enemy with all of the “backseat drivers” that are in it (and aren’t afraid to make offhand comments at their own “people”):

Mary and her sister are using their experience to educate other women on the importance of owning a firearm for self defense, which is the opposite of what gun control proponents do. In fact, gun control supporters argue women are too weak to own firearms responsibly, saying that a gun in the house endangers them. Mary, her sister, and the others in 1MMAGC and the DC Project are out there educating the people and also working with legislators at the local/state/federal levels. So before any of you keyboard warriors make a stupid comment, perhaps read the full post (goes for every post anywhere before commenting) and realize what’s really going on and who you’re talking to/about.


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