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You might be a "Gun Extremist" If...

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

On Wednesday, December 4th, 2019, the VA Democrats put out a little hit piece directed at the founder of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), Philip Van Cleave.

As many counties in Virginia take a stand against tyrannical legislators and the lobbyists behind them- by claiming Second Amendment Sanctuary City/County status, it's only natural for the VA Democrats to lash out after this major sting to their ego.

As if they really needed any new ammo to add to their ever growing popularity, anyway...

With their top three Democrat leaders being the recent subjects of the spotlight, the VA Democrats have been scurrying around for almost a year trying to sweep allegations of racism and sexual assault under the rug. Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam and Attorney General, Mark Herring share a connection of wearing blackface to school parties, all while Lieutenant Governor, Justin Fairfax likes to allegedly get a little frisky with the ladies against their wishes.

Governor Ralph Northam says we've gotten over those things, though- which is clearly NOT the case, considering many Left Wing Virginians, including these three top Democrats still call Trump a Racist and Sexist... hmmmm... so how is it that WE are over it?


With all that said, let's jump into the real guts of this article in response to the VA Democrats...

In their hit piece at Mr. Van Cleave, the VA Democrats try to sway focus from Gun Safety to Gun Misuse, by bringing up a past occurrence when Van Cleave was "punked" by popular comedian, Sasha Barton Cohen (who likes to culturally appropriate as well in many of his movies) for a Showtime original.

The story line: Cohen goes undercover in heavy makeup, as a security specialist creating an educational video on gun safety for TODDLERS. Van Cleave, not knowing what the show was totally about, other than his expertise being sought- with a camera in his face and in the heat of the moment- goes along with the interview for this FAKE instructional show Cohen (in character) was trying to push.

Van Cleave received a lot of backlash for his unwitting participation in that show, but after reading the little hit piece the VA Democrats put out, as well as watching the Fake instructional spoof, myself- as the mother of a toddler... and a very proficient and law abiding gun owner, I wanted to point out some things that the VA Democrats FAILED to notice in their ATTEMPT to slam Van Cleave.

For one, no one in their right mind, especially someone as knowledgeable in firearms as Philip Van Cleave, would EVER give a toddler a firearm... on purpose. IF there were a case, in some weird universe, where a real instructional video on the idea were to be made, I'd want Mr. Van Cleave to be the one to teach.


Now let's talk about why I say that:

1. ALWAYS treat firearms as if they are loaded at all times.

2. Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction at all times.

3. Keep your finger OFF the trigger until ready to shoot.

4. Be sure of your intended target and whats behind it.

Above are the TOP FOUR GUN SAFETY measures EVER!! They teach these MUSTS at all the "Gun Extremist" meetings and classes I go to.

In the VA Democrat's hit piece using the Sasha Barton Cohen appearance as a jab, even while confused and in the heat of the moment, VCDL Founder, Philip Van Cleave still proves himself to be the MODEL gun owner and safety instructor.

As you can see from the pics above...

Mr. Van Cleave never has his finger on the trigger. Nor does he point it in an unsafe direction (bottom left pic: the yellow line proves his aim is NOT at the camera) and he never takes his eye off of the general direction of where he has the gun pointed. It's also clearly a fake/ toy gun that HE STILL TREATS LIKE A REAL ONE.

Let that sink in...

Yet, the VA Democrats think that this show appearance by Van Cleave is some big dig at Gun Owners in Virginia, as we steamroll the state with 2A Sanctuary County Resolutions. While the VA Democrats and their lobbying pals, like Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America try to push the terminology "Gun Extremists" to the masses, let's compare their own subjects real quick...

You have my breakdown of Mr. Van Cleave's responsible gun handling above, but the VA Democrats forgot that there is another person in those pics... Mr. Sasha Barton Cohen- who's supposed to be the "responsible" one in the fake video they were filming, right?

Have you ever heard the expression, "Get your booger hook off the trigger?"

Notice Mr. Barton Cohen has his finger on the trigger in each pic. Notice how he's pointing the firearm(s), which look very real, in various directions. Notice he's not keeping watch of where the gun sights aim.

I'll just reiterate those Top 4 Gun Safety Rules real quick...

1. ALWAYS treat firearms as if they are loaded at all times.

2. Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction at all times.

3. Keep your finger OFF the trigger until ready to shoot.

4. Be sure of your intended target and whats behind it.

Looks like Mr. Sasha Barton Cohen, and especially the VA Democrats need Mr. Van Cleave to do a Gun Safety educational video specifically for them.

And since Virginians are in the midst of showing the rest of America how we step up to plate, let this also be a reminder to the VA Democrat, Board of Supervisors Chair for Loudoun County (VA), Phyllis Randall- who refused to take off her Moms Demand button during the BoS meeting to vote on making Loudoun County, VA a 2A Sanctuary. Be Smart is the "gun safety" course that Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America offers to families. The above pic is of a Be Smart "gun safety" instructor.

This is who Board of Supervisors Chair for Loudoun County, VA and Moms Demand Supporter, Phyllis Randall stands behind.

Stay tuned for my next article where I take apart Roanoke College's so-called "Polls" (as also mentioned in the VA Democrat's hit piece.)

Virginia is for LOVERS OF LIBERTY. We HATE Tyrants!


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