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ALERT: Main sponsor change to Illinois Fix the FOID Act

Illinois is down to the wire, as the legislative session ends on May 31st. Today in the general assembly, sponsorship on the bill was change from Rep. Kathleen Willis to Rep Maura Hirschauer. Here’s her bio:

Why is this little tidbit important (besides the fact that it appears to be positioning Moms Demand Action for a legislative win)? That chapter of Moms Demand Action in 2018 was working with the mayor of Geneva, IL to get police protection (bodyguards) at their public meetings because they are afraid of the “NRA”.

Here’s a fun fact: the NRA never requested or posted any such thing. It was grassroots members other gun rights orgs that were chatting about it in private forums for the purpose of seeing what’s discussed at the meetings, the Naperville one was brought up. One person went to that meeting and reported back to others (Moms Demand had an event at a Corner Bakery where some people were making baskets to give to the victims of the recent Henry Pratt shooting, which is why the Fix the FOID Bill even exists). The person signed in, sat there, and didn’t do or say anything. How do I know this? Because I was part of that discussion and the person reported back to all of us. They were bored at the meeting to lol. Regardless, they have an Indian fear of their opposition and think that public places are off limits to other people if they’re there.

Be warned, Fix the FOID if passed won’t be used to “save lives“ or lessen crime in cities like Chicago. It will be used to extort law abiding gun owners with higher fees and get their fingerprints into a database, which is odd that Democrats are pushing to make the FOID more draconian. They obviously don’t know it’s history (it was implemented to be used to target blacks because of racisl tensions in the late 1960’s):


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