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“Am Yisroel Chai! Nothing is gonna take us down!”

Originally posted on on April 30, 2019

People gather to show support for Poway Synagogue, and pay their respects for the loss of Lori Kaye.

In the wake of the Poway Synagogue Shooting, Mainstream Media sources, as well as Gun Control Activists have done exactly what we all suspected by using the tragedy to further push a political agenda. Their misuse and disregard to all of the facts of what happened on April 27th, 2019, has certainly not gone unnoticed by many, as they use it and other acts of violence as a smear campaign against Pro Constitutional Rights supporters nationwide. These supporters, such as the National Rifle Association and President Trump, have become targets from the controversy as groups like March For Our Lives, Moms Demand Action, Doctors Demand Action, Gifford’s and Everytown for Gun Safety continue to villainize them, by using the stories of victims from these tragedies as a scapegoat for their own narratives.


Shannon Watts & Michael Bloomberg of Everytown For Gun Safety

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, who merged in late 2013 with Mayors For Illegal Guns founder and NY Politician, Michael Bloomberg– to form Everytown For Gun Safety, is no stranger to pushing propaganda and smear campaigns against the NRA and one of its spokespeople, Dana Loesch. Her social media feeds are full of hate- filled posts, directed at the NRA, its five million supportive members, and Loesch, as she blames them for the violence carried out within the United States.

Learn more about the behind the scenes of Moms Demand Action and Everytown For Gun Safety Here

Shannon Watts demonizing the NRA and President Trump

Shannon’s continued demonizing of an organization (NRA), which has stood behind the rights of the American People, such as herself, is nothing more than an example of how The Left uses media platforms to take advantage of society’s vulnerabilities. She’s not alone in this, as other activists, celebrities and politicians joined in unison to do the same.

As we see more and more examples of antisemitism take the spotlight within our society, as well as the attacks on religious groups throughout the world, the parishioners of Poway Synagogue were ready and willing to take their overall safety and well-being into their own hands. They knew that there was a possibility of it happening to them and they knew that it was up to them to formulate a plan of action.

Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein of Poway Synagogue, in the video above, not even 24 hours after the tragedy, where he lost a finger (and just shy of a few hours after surgery on his hand), explains to America what REALLY happened when he came face to face with evil during the last day of Passover 2019. He also sends an inspirational message to his fellow Jewish comrades, “Am Yisroel Chai!: Nothing is gonna take us down!”

(“Am Yisroel Chai!” translation- “The Nation Of Israel Lives!”)

As more and more groups further an agenda to push more laws that only promote more control of the American People, Rabbi Goldstein’s message should be one for all. As Americans, we are a people that were guaranteed freedoms to allow us to protect ourselves from the evils of the world, such as what the members of Poway Synagogue faced that day. We must not let their experience be used in vain or be swept under the rug, as they proved to the world, that a plan of action for survival is a necessity.

On April 27th, 2019, America saw the light of new heroes emerge from a dark situation.

Top Left: Oscar Stewart; Top Right: Rabbi Goldstein; Bottom Left: Almog Peretz; Bottom Right: Noya Dahan; Not Pictured: Border Patrol Agent, Jonathan Morales

Pictured above:

Oscar Stewart, top left, Navy/ Army Veteran who courageously charged at the gunman.

Rabbi Goldstein, top right, Poway Synagogue’s leader, who came face to face with the gunman, losing a finger- while staying by the sides of his parishioners, he pushed forth with his sermon to promote hope and peace.

Almog Peretz, bottom left, an Israeli visiting the synagogue while staying with family, was clipped by a bullet in the leg, as he gathered up small children to get them to safety during the shooting.

Noya Dahan, bottom right, 8 years old, was wounded by shrapnel in the midst of the chaos.

Jonathan Morales, not pictured for identity purposes, Off Duty Border Patrol Agent who helped in warding off the gunman with a stashed revolver, due to his knowledge and use of firearms.

The beautiful Lori Gilbert- Kaye, 60, who sacrificed herself to protect those she loved.

Lori Gilbert- Kaye, selflessly gave up her life as she jumped in front of Rabbi Goldstein, to protect him from the gunman’s aim. The firearm that the Off Duty Border Patrol Agent used to help ward off the gunman, belonged to Lori’s husband, Dr. Kaye- he had stored the firearm in the synagogue for emergency purposes. A wife, mother, and friend who took action for the ones she loved so dearly. Lori leaves behind a family and community that will miss her greatly.

Members of Poway Synagogue come together in support of one another in the wake of the tragedy on April 27th, 2019

As Poway, CA looks to find peace from this tragedy, Americans can definitely take one thing into account from it all… The People of Poway Synagogue are not just an inspiration within the Jewish community, but one for all.

Our prayers are with you.


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