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Ammo background checks (and what’s next after that)

Back in April, a federal judge issued a stay on enforcement of the law, but the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals quickly overruled the lower court, and the law remains in effect for the time being, though the case (known as Rhode vs. Becerra) is still actively being litigated. On Monday, a coalition of 16 attorneys general, all of them Democrats, filed a friend of the court brief arguing that the California law is constitutional and urged the court to permanently vacate the district court’s injunction.
If you live in Illinois, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, or Washington you should know that your attorney general has given the green light for your state legislature to implement California-style ammunition control if they want.

Ok, we all know these asshats don’t ever quit and keep going for more. So what happens next? Ammo coding! This jackass (and people like him) gets rich:

This guy and Mom-At-Arms have a history (he thinks we’re the NRA 😂😂😂). Ignore the time stamp, it’s pulled from one of our articles (link below):

You see, once they have ammo background checks, the next step is serialized ammo (which in theory makes sense to idiots like Matt, but is a clusterfuck in application). That way, they know who has what ammo and so on. Just more control crap. But the big story here is Matt Harrington and is batshit crazy rants against people who disagree with him (be it gun owners or political opponents). Would you want this guy anywhere around ammo?

Just click the link above. It’ll get a laugh. Then click here to see what an idiot he is (don’t leave threatening voicemails on answering machines you douchebag).

Yes, anti-gunners are batshit crazy and have violent tendencies. Yes, ammo coding is the next step after background checks on ammo are implemented nationwide. Yes, crazy people like Matt Harrington would profit off of it. Yes, it’s all about enriching cronies.


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