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And the number one state with most NICS checks so far this year is.......

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

(The Center Square) – Illinois topped the list of all states for firearm background checks so far this year, and is already on pace to blow last year’s numbers out of the water. And reports persist of people waiting beyond the three-day waiting period to pick up the guns they’ve purchased.
There are also more than 143,000 Firearm Owner Identification, or FOID card, applicants still waiting for their cards to be processed by Illinois State Police.
A state Representative says this is tantamount to civil rights being infringed.
Monthly records from the FBI’s NICS Firearm Background Checks report show in the first seven months of the year, there have been nearly 4.6 million checks. That dwarfs every other state, with only Kentucky coming close with 2.2 million checks from January through July.

Keep a close eye on the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Fund when the numbers come in. But in the meantime, I can imagine Governor Pritzker‘s face right now.....

To his credit, he did declare gun stores “essential” during the lockdown. But as shown above, that has caused delays for people trying to be legal and get a FOID card. Hoping they don’t push through the draconian bill to “fix” it because of this.......

I bet anti-gun state Rep. Chris Welch is upset about this as well, although he has no problem helping out convicted murderers who were illegally possessing/carrying a firearm and killed people with it.


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