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And there it is. Joe on guns for all to see.......

Every new gun owner out there better really think hard when they vote. If you purchased a semi-auto rifle w/detachable mags and/or a pistol that has mags that hold more than 10 rounds (mags over 10 round capacity for rifles as well), you are voting to become a federal felon unless you pay big $$$ under Joe Biden.

Also remember that the same people that want you disarmed think your area should be leveled and firebombed like Dresden in WW2 if you don’t agree with them:

Now to all you armed leftists, you also will no longer be able to keep your guns without hefty fees and mandatory registration. This picture will be a distant memory if Joe and the Democrats get their way. In this picture alone, that’s $2200 in fees (6 rifles and 5 “hi-cap” mags).


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