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Another mass shooting study (1982-2020) and it’s not what the “weapons of war” folks want to hear

Updated: May 21, 2020

Published on 3/2/20 by Statista Research Department, the study breaks down all “mass shootings“ and type/number of firearms used between 1982 and 2020.

The conclusion of the study is that over a 38 year period, big scary “weapons of war” (lumped in with rifles, but rifles does not refer to just semi-automatic magazine fed) were used in half of the number of “mass shootings” as handguns were, meaning handguns are the preferred weapon of “mass shooters“ over a 38 year period. Yeah, we all know that.

In another study done by this organization, overall violent crime (“mass shootings” included) has been trending on the decline, which does give a reason as to why the media and gun control groups jump at the opportunity to exploit recent ”mass shootings” for their agenda (violent crime on the whole is going down, and the further down it goes, the less instances they’ll have to use for their disarmament agenda). Yes, once again, we all know. Keep reading..

Now, in yet another study, one area of violent crime has been on the rise after dipping in the 90’s/2000’s. Forcible rape has gone up.

So the biggest question to ask supporters of gun control is:

While violent crime as a whole is on the decline and mass shooters don’t really prefer rifles over pistols (good luck banning them, been overturned by the courts), why would you advocate for legislation that will possibly put women at a disadvantage at a time when rape is on the rise? And further, why would you associate with an organization like Moms Demand Action in which the leader of the organization admits to not filing charges to get the rapist of her own daughter off the streets? How many other women were possibly added to the above graph because of him?