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Big 2A Win in Nevada Proves Mom-At-Arms knows best

It's been part of Mom-At-Arms' strategy from the very beginning: break the narrative that Gun Control groups like Moms Demand Action & Everytown put on the Gun Rights community, by using THEIR TACTICS. A big 2A Win in Nevada just proved Mom-At-Arms has been combating the Gun Control movement from the right angle all along.

Nevada Liberals just became 2A Proponents! Nevada is one of the most Liberal, Deep Blue states in the nation, and all because they fear the PoPo, they have helped overturn a Gun Control bill.

And not just ANY bill, Senate Bill 452, "which would have made it a misdemeanor to carry a concealed weapon on certain properties, primarily casinos, that prohibited firearms. Repeat offenders could have faced felony charges."

“We believe that this policy will subject legal gun owners that are members of the African American community to lethal encounters with law enforcement,” Yvette Williams, chair of the Clark County Black Caucus, wrote in opposition.

What does this also mean?

It means that Mom-At-Arms, and those like us, have been right ALL ALONG.

Empowering MINORITY 2A COMMUNITIES helps win in legislative matters.

Why? Because its not "the norm." The media and gun control groups have used "WHITE PEOPLE" as the scapegoat race for any firearm related crisis in recent years. (Those on the fence aren't going to listen to your pale tail unless YOU can empathize with them in some way.) Where they used to use "BLACK PEOPLE & MINORITIES" as crime figures in the past, they're trying to cover their bases now, and working to make up for their mistakes... by throwing us white conservatives under the bus. They've worked hard in trying to confuse the masses... as a WHOLE... in order to strip away our rights. THE GOVERNENT HAS USED MINORITIES AS PAWNS FOR VOTES (systemic racism). Mom-At-Arms and others have tried relentlessly to educate folks on why its important to give these groups the stage, especially in the 2A Community, in order to BREAK THE NARRATIVE.

And before you go any further... Does this mean we hate the police? NO! (Once again, I, Jill, am the daughter of a former LEO and I have a great respect for Law Enforcement... the ones that actually do their jobs... fairly and justly... per the Constitution.) We also have a former LEO that contributes to Mom-At-Arms, as well!

What this does mean, is that there are groups of individuals throughout the nation that need understanding and empowerment, in order to get past the racial division and a hate of a profession. In Nevada, it took THE LEFT WING to help overturn a gun control bill, whereas many in the 2A Community lash out because someone happens to show their support for a minority gun rights group/ activist asking for understanding due to their race (or sexual preference/ political ideology).

The 2A Is For EVERYONE... As Communities... And As Individuals.


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