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You guys and gals miss me, or what?

It‘s been a while... I KNOW! My brain has been all over the place. So much news coming at me at one time. It's been a whirlwind... I'm loving it... but I don't know where to start. Plus there's the day job... and the Wife/ Mom job. #TheStruggleIsReal

(Here’s a little snippet to get the ball rolling again.)

We'll attempt to start with my home state of Virginia and GOVERNOR RALPH NOTHRAM! (Insert a LAUGHING MY ASS OFF right here.) A little research and you'll find that pics of you with a black, shoe- polished face and a friend in a white, pointy hood from yester-years, are not a good look in present day politics. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the stereotypes surrounding Virginians, as a whole, is the thought that we're all a bunch of Republican Rednecks, laying waste to the world with our guns, farms and lack of teeth (I have all of MY teeth, Thanks... and we Virginians are NOT all racists.)

Ironically enough, though, the same party who paved the way for racist groups like the KKK are the SAME FOLKS who put Governor Ralph Nothram into office.

Need a quick history lesson?

Check out my buddy @AlfonZoRachel‘s video here:



By now, you've all heard and read the storylines of what's going on with Nothram and how the Democrats are trying hard to cover their booties, by calling for his resignation, along with those who fall in line behind him and their drama. Even more funny, is before all of this racism talk, RIGHT WING VIRGINIANS were calling for him to resign the moment he asked for our firearms, as well as when he said it was okay to murder babies with his late term abortion stance. Ain't that something? I mean... I don't believe in the mysticism behind Karma... but this is one freaky Karmatic Situation for the Left. It truly is! HAAAAAAAA!

People, from all over and on both sides of politics, have asked me, "How do feel about all the drama and turmoil within Virginia's political office?"

My answer... I'M LOVING IT!

Here's the deal... I'm a Southern Virginian... SoVA for short. We here, below the state capital of Richmond, party in politics way differently than (many of) our NoVA fellows. NoVA is predominately Democrat, whereas SoVAns Rock the Republican/ Conservative vote.

Why does VA stay Blue these days?

Well, if you take a drive from DC to NC, coming through VA, you’ll notice a change in demographics instantly. NoVA is very populated. Lots of traffic. Lots of corporations. Lots of youthful souls waiting to be tormented. LOTS OF DEMOCRATS!

Enter the scenic views of SoVA and you’ll find yourself surrounded by lots of land. Lots of farms. Lots of family businesses. Lots of corporations that have fallen under (Thanks Bill Clinton- Ask me about Dan River Mills & Commodore Homes, later!). Lots of retirees, laid off, and home bound folks. This is SoVA.

So, when us SoVAns see on the news that the NoVA Democrats made an oopsie, we “waller“ in the humor of it! Especially an oopsie that many of them would blame us Right Winged SoVans for! But... guess what!?! WE DIDN‘T DOOOOOO IT! (LMAO AGAIN!) Now, Politicians from the Left & Right are calling for Nothram‘s resignation. (Rightfully so!) It makes sense that Republicans would, but these Dems... WOW! They’re pulling out all the stops! Making a dramatic flare out of it and pushing a narrative that is so petty in comparison as to why us Right Wingers wanted Nothram gone... ”Let’s excuse the fact that Governor Nothram wanted to criminalize Law Abiding Gun Owners. Let’s also excuse his stance on killing babies after birth. But hey! Let’s make him a martyr for all racists because he dressed up as a black guy back during his naive high school/ college days- that was during a time when segregation and civil rights issues were just becoming a heated thing.”

Might sound like I’m taking up for the guy a bit in that last line... I’m Not. His acts during his younger days were WRONG! I just want to help point out the CRAZINESS of where Democrats stand on issues. “Weaken and kill them all by taking their 2A Rights away and allowing them to abort their children, whenever.... but by golly, do NOT dress up as another race or gender... unless you specifically identify! NO... cultural approperation isn’t allowed, either... unless you’re a recently entered illegal immigrant that’s hiding out as a “Dreamer.”

I giggle at that last line. “Dreamers”

So folks! I hope y’all join me in some major laughs at the Democrats‘ expense in the coming months. It’s going to be a wild hootenanny! Where they fail to stand for ALL civil rights issues- like the right to self protection and the right to LIFE, they will use the one thing that gets us all hyped up and on the edge of our vulnerability seats to push a greater divide... Racism.

Here‘s to “Love Trumps Hate!”


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