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BREAKING: City of Champaign, Illinois, using COVID-19 outbreak to enact gun control

Updated: May 20, 2020

[NOTE: special thanks to Edgar County Watchdogs for getting the ball rolling with this story (we weren’t first to bring this up). MSM is starting to pick up on it as of 7:30pm 3/13/20 and not giving credit to where the story about it was first reported and instead linking the local NBC affiliate link only]


Never let a crisis go to waste (this also shows why anti-gunners want to get rid of firearm preemption in states nationwide and allow cities to be home rule regarding firearms laws)........

Any questions about the agenda of gun grabbers yet?? Guess they don’t like the surge of gun/ammo sales (and first time owners) taking responsibility for their own safety due to concerns of the possible situations they may face during this crisis.

The ordinance will be voted on soon and I can guess what the outcome will be.

Link to NBC affiliate story on this:

UPDATE 10:57AM: I’m getting word the ordinance passed 9-0. Looks like the mayor has some extra powers to use as she sees fit.

Update 12:18PM: it passed as stated above

Update 3:54PM: We were sent this. They’ve been FOIA’d


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