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Breaking: Illinois Governor states why he decided gun stores should remain open during lockdown

Updated: May 20, 2020

I’m shocked. He said this during his press conference today (4/2). He has never publicly said anything regarding his decision until today. The anti-gun kingpin of the state (who signed into law a bill that hurt FFL’s greatly) admits that people can decide what is essential for their needs (which includes firearms). He made the right move, this time.....

"We wanted to make sure that people had the ability to protect themselves if they needed to. There are a number of things that I think one person might not consider essential and somebody else would consider essential. But it was just something that we felt would be important. I think there were quite a lot of people downstate who felt like they'd like the opportunity at least to be able to buy ammunition, or something else because they might want to go hunting by themselves, or to protect themselves."

There you have it. He apparently made the decision because some people deem firearms “essential”, which is directly at odds with his pals at Everytown For Gun Safety/Moms Demand Action. Interesting times to say the least.


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