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Breaking: New bill filed in Illinois to tax firearms and magazines

Updated: May 20, 2020

This should surprise no one.

what will fhe Firearms Tax Fund do?

Purple: fund gun control programs/groups (grant money?).

Orange: can’t fund anything that stops a bad guy in their tracks should they be causing violence.

Blue: ”research and prevention“ means funding research in which they know will produce the results they want in order to use It as arguments for more gun control bills to be introduced.

Now, it was just introduced, so this is only a heads up. Ironic that they’re wanting to tax stuff they want banned in order make money to financially benefit, but the catch is you buy something, you pay the tax, and that tax goes towards making sure the assault on our 2nd amendment rights are well funded.

For a “pro-gun” bill that was filed (and what it really should be), click here


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