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Ceasefire USA (States United) encouraging more students to disrupt educational environment

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Our good friends at Ceasefire and Everytown (Students Demand Action) continue to use children as ground troops in their fight to eradicate the 2nd amendment. Was made aware of a little booklet out of Rhode Island’s chapter of Ceasefire. Please take a look:

It’s good to get students engaged, however these groups want them engaged to fight for THEIR cause and disrupt the learning environment while they‘re at it. These are lobbying groups and they see children as recruits to help lobby their local areas to support the host’s agenda. That’s it. More bodies.

Now some additional info. Ceasefire (States United) is the hub for all state chapters:

Here‘s Rhode Island (on documents above):

Here’s, for example, Illinois:

Why use Illinois? Funny enough, we published an article about one of their stunts at a public high school just last week!

Article here:

Now it gets even juicier. What if you were told that the President of Ceasefire (States United) was in a relationship with one of the consultants for ICHV? We Got that too! Meet former ATF agent turned consultant, Mark Jones.

Meet the President of States United:

What a lovely couple.

Full article on that here:

Parents, your children are being used as cannon fodder for lobbying groups and politicians. At times, even congressmen will use these groups in order to reach out to schools to recruit kids.

It’s time parents raise hell and demand that taxpayer funded public schools stop allowing these people free reign to use our kids as pawns for their agenda.

Fun fact: The ICHV even has a lesson plan for teachers in schools to use. Take a look. It even encourages teachers to get students to lobby!!!!

I especially love the grenade launcher on the “assault weapons” pic, as if it was a common attachment that isn’t already heavily regulated......


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