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Celebrating Another Failure

I'm starting to think that, in order to be a gun control propagandist, you must have some sort of death fetish. They think that the only reason to own a gun is to murder. They think that "gun culture" is only about taking lives, while ignoring the greater lives saved.

And if the week happens to be relatively peaceful, they'll dig up something that happened a few years ago.

This past February 14, the most mentally incapacitated person ever to occupy the White House decided to give America a bloody Valentine, and brought up the third anniversary of the Parkland shooting. He didn't have to bring it up--there were a lot of other things he could have issued a statement about: Valentine's Day, Black History Month, the Founding of the League of Women Voters, the Launch of YouTube, or even the issuance of the patent for what would be known as the venerable 1911.

But no, Biden warned us that "Dark Days" were ahead, and seems to prefer to add to the gloom. Gotta love being a leftist these days--so cheery and optimistic!

However, it seems his diminished mental state has left him with a really poor sense of self-awareness. Because Parkland was the result of about three policies that he either supported as Vice President, or helped bring about during his too-long tenure as a senator.

And that is the subject of this past weekend's video. Enjoy!


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