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Chicago ER doc tells unvaxed to “stay out of hospitals” and “die off”

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Wow! Sent to us by a friend of MAA. He even brought guns into it. He‘s arguing with the post author, who is a Nurse Practitioner:

(Update: it appears the doctor has deleted his Facebook page as of 9/22/21 5:23pm eastern time. His comments have disappeared from the post linked above. UPDATE AGAIN: now (9/23 2:34pm eastern, he’s back on)

Update 9/23: he’s back and commenting on the same thread. Here’s an example:

Aaaaaand he’s gone again. So, IDPH has this to say.....

Statewide, Covid ICU beds make up only 16% of ICU beds used:

Moving on:

Update: apparently personal politics should also play a part on who has access to the vaccines.

And this. Wow:

And since we are a 2A group, ouch man. Not cool for a doc to be making fun of someone who had a traumatic injury:

UPDATE: he killed his Twitter:


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