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CNN: Destroying Beto O’Rourke and the March For Our Lives “Peace Plan” in one sentence

Updated: May 20, 2020

Last night at the DNC Presidential primary debate, Robert Francis (or as he calls himself, Beto) O’Rourke went even further than he has before and said those that don’t allow the government to “buy back” their “weapons of war” will be visited by law enforcement and forced to surrender their weapons. In an unexpected turn of events, CNN even went on to say that his stances of “All Americans following the law” should his idea pass is not going to happen, as.......wait for it......MASS SHOOTERS (criminals) DON’T FOLLOW THE LAW!”

Take a look:

So, not only did CNN agree with a major talking point of 2nd amendment supporters (we’ve been saying it since day 1), but they also just attacked the March For Our Lives Peace Plan as well:

What does that plan call for?

Save yourself on the link click and just take a look:

Thank you, CNN, for setting both Robert Francis O’Rourke and David Hogg of March For Our Lives (your buddy) straight and stating the obvious, that criminals don’t follow laws.

For more on the “Peace Plan” (reality of it), see here:

Perhaps if your plan involves turning millions upon millions of Americans into criminals at the stroke of a pen there is something very nefarious with the real reasons for it.....


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