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Confirmed: Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts doesn’t mind dissing the US Army

Wow Shannon. Great retweet here. Nothing like helping smear our army and saying they’re to blame for a mass shooter who illegally (can’t believe I have to say that) murdered people.....

While she’s at it, she’s also making a move to target vets as a whole who suffer from PTSD (notice the “not military issued” part? Where do you think she’s going with this.....).

What happened was tragic, but it’s morally wrong and irresponsible to paint a picture of soldiers who suffer from PTSD as potential threats (like it’s terrible someone could buy Glocks who has it). They are not. Of course, and each case is different. Shannon doesn’t care though, this incident helped push her agenda and the scapegoats are the innocent veterans (not this guy) who suffer from PTSD. Oddly enough, she didn’t go after one of her own who also suffered from PTSD due to the Sandy Hook Shooting. A gun control activist stole some guns and went on a killing spree. She couldn’t bother to shine the light on that for obvious reasons (would hurt her agenda). Considering Sandy Hook Promise’s recent sickening shock PR campaign, I’m not surprised that these people just don’t understand PTSD:


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